Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last weekend we had a football game showing on the tv and Gavin asked his Dad, "Where did the cheerleaders go that they showed on the tv earlier?" (Could have cared less about the game.) This morning Jed is getting ready to head to Iowa with some buddies for the NDSU game. Gavin says, "Dad, are there going to be lots of cheerleaders there?" Typical male!

Furry Arms

A couple of days ago Gavin was out in the combine with Grandpa. When they got into the combine Grandpa somehow got some dirt stuck in the hair on his arm. Gavin looks at Grandpa's arm and says, "Grandpa, you have dirt in your fur."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weird Gavin?

Last night Gavin was put in timeout because he spit at his sister. So, after his 5 minutes of timeout, Jed went upstairs and talked with him...

Jed: "Do you know why you were in timeout."
Gavin: "Yeah, because I spit in Kyra's face."
Jed: "Do we spit in people's faces?"
Gavin: "No...So, does that make me weird?"

Weird, weird Gavin - I think he takes after his father!

Funniest Home Video

The kids loved watching this video! Enjoy...

P.S. Make sure your sound is turned on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Farmer Kyra

Gavin is by far the farmer in our house, but it's starting to spread to Kyra. Last night she got to go ride in the combine for the first time this fall with Uncle Brandon. She came home and as soon as she was done with supper she got the tractor and wagons out and started "harvesting" the gourds that I have as decorations throughout the house (just in case you are wondering, in our house decorations = play things to be moved from place to place on a daily basis)!

"I Can Do Anything, You Can Do, Better"

Carley is our most determined child yet. She sees that Gavin and Kyra can wash their hands by themselves and of course thinks she can do the same. Last night after supper we obviously were not getting her cleaned up as quick as she would have liked, so she first used the step stool to pull herself up on the towel rack and stayed balanced on that while trying to wash her hands. When her Mom and Dad yelled at her for that, she decided to just use the potty chair for her step stool (even though the real step stool was a foot from her). Creative and determined! I am sure that someday I will find these qualities good in her but at the present time it just makes my job harder (more interesting, but harder). :-)