Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reagan - 8 months old

Somehow our little baby is already 8 months old. She has had a busy week this past week - her first two teeth and she mastered crawling - she is now into everything! Helping Daddy fold laundry...or unfold?!

Learning to crawl! We bribe her with the remote control - no matter where that thing is at, she will crawl to it.


Once again we have had snow, blowing snow, ice and VERY cold temps. Welcome to MN in winter. Our picnic table in the back yard finally succumbed to the snow drifts.



Last night our window had a really neat design in the ice. Not sure what made it, but it was pretty.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kyra's Dance Recital

Kyra had her first dance recital a couple of weeks ago. Those girls in their tutu's were so cute! Gavin still thinks they look "ridiculous".

Waiting for her turn to perform. She looks bored but truth be told, she was taking in every little detail from the "older" girls.

Video - first 1 min. 15 sec. is introductions (except for Kyra because her Daddy didn't get the camera ready in time). :-) Anyway, feel free to skip ahead to the dance.

Dance video #2.

Reagan - 7 Months Old

Now that Reagan is almost 8 months old, I figured I better get her 7 month pics posted! She still proves to be our easiest baby and most laid back child. She is eating real people food now and seems to love anything that she can feed to herself vs. having someone shovel it in her mouth. She can crawl anywhere that she wants to go (as long as it is behind her). She is a good backwards crawler, just can't seem to master the forwards movement though. Today I found out that she loves to lay on our kitchen floor, then she can scoot around easier and faster - she loved this! And on Saturday her first tooth poked through. She has had a busy couple of months!


Random pics...
Gavin enjoying his jersey as he watches the Vikings.

Angel Kyra.

I think it's Carley under there?! :-)

Gavin snowboarding with the "help" of Ruby.

Gavin listening to his Mom, Lacy and Britton - "sure you can lick the ice cream off of your nose, try it..."

And, again, not to be outdone by her brother - she needed to try it too.

Outside Fun

Sledding at Nana & Papa's... Carley
Kyra - she does take after her mother (not so fond of the fold).

Sledding at home...

Carley watching Grandpa add snow to their snow hill.

With the help of Dad, they dug a fort - peak! Gavin, Kyra, Carley.
Sledding at Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas with Uncle Britton and Dad.

Kyra would fall off half way down but she would then run the rest of the way down just to catch up with Britton. Good way to use up some of that energy if you ask me! :-) Gavin right there with her, but he stayed on his sled unless it bucked him off - which it did a time or two. Carley and Dad bringing up the rear.
Britton looks like his arms aren't attached the right way - looks like they are on backwards.
Carley is not sure what to think.
Gavin going under Bridge Britton.
Carley: "Come on Dad, what's taking so long."

Britton giving Kyra a push to get started. There really was not much of a hill at all but there was a layer of ice on the top so they just kept on going and going and going - which made for a long walk back.
A makeshift snowboard?! Britton.

Up the hill one more time. Carley and Dad.

And Carley and Dad made it! ;-) Kyra, Britton, Gavin.
I love this picture - Kyra looking up at Uncle Britton - I would love to know what she was saying to him (but I was chicken and stayed in the warm house).

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve... This does not happen very often - 4 out of 4 looking at the camera at the same time and no goofy faces!
I love Reagan's face in this one - she looks like she could be a handful someday doesn't she?

Merry Christmas!

One more! That is what I kept telling them as I am taking pictures as fast as I can - hey, when they cooperate, you have to take advantage of it!

Reagan's 1st Christmas.

Carley listening to "Twas the Night Before Christmas" that Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon recorded while they read and sent to the kids to have on Christmas Eve.
Kyra and Daddy putting the finishing touches on the letter to Santa.

Carley adding an ornament to the tree.

Gavin putting the angel on the tree on Christmas Eve.
Kyra, not to be outdone by her brother, puts the angel on the tree, AGAIN.
Christmas Day...

Reagan playing with her new toy.

Kyra got a ballerina barbie ornament for Christmas. We had to have "Rules" with the ornament - like no playing with it, just look at it on the tree.

Gavin cuddling with his new puppy. He saw this puppy when we were school shopping in August. I made sure that Santa made a note about this puppy that he almost wouldn't leave the store without. Luckily Santa didn't forget when Christmas came around.

Carley "walking" her doll.

One of Carley's gifts that, unfortunately, she hasn't been able to use yet - Dora underwear. We keep trying, but no luck in that department yet.
Reagan trying to get into one of her gifts.

Gavin drew Kyra's name this year and he went shopping and picked this out all by himself - it's a barbie, it's a horse and it's purple - need I say more?! She loved it and plays with it every day. Good work Gavin!
Showing us her new camera...heaven forbid she put down her horse and barbie for anything. :-)
Gavin wanted a snowboard for Christmas. Jed hinted to Grandma that this would be a good idea for Gavin but Grandma was having none of it - something about not contributing to broke bones or something along that lines??? So, on that note, Mom and Dad ended up getting Gavin a snowboard - but we made sure it came with goggles and a nice padded helmet.
This house was clean 2 hours earlier.... Yikes!