Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warmer Weather

We had a glimpse of spring last weekend with temps in the mid to upper 40's. We were so greatful for some warmer and sunny weather. The kids even thought it was warm enough for some ice treats outside. We are now back in the mid 30's and rain is expected for the next 7 days, but we are not going to complain - no flooding in this area. We continually think of all of you that are having to deal with the flooding in ND right now.

The Garden Process Continues

Jed thought it would be a good idea to pot the garden seeds IN THE HOUSE with three kids! He is braver (or dumber) than me. (Just kidding dear.) Actually it went pretty well, no major messes and all of the seeds were planted, I think. Now they sit in the laundry room waiting for sunny warm days - which seem to be off in the distance...way off in the distance.

No More Sassy!

We took the leap a week an a half ago and decided it was time for Carley to give up her "sassy" (pacifier). So, Friday night we cut off the tips and gave them to her to throw away. She did great. Fussy for about 3 minutes and I had to lay with her until she went to sleep. The next day for nap, even better and Saturday night, she asked where they were at but no fussing and went to sleep on her own. We are now sassy free at our house (at least for the next 8 weeks). She is a big girl now! Yeah! (Sometimes I think we are more attached to those darn things than the kids are). :-)

Little House On the Prairie

My Mom was going through some boxes from a while back (no I will not use the word OLD BOXES). She found this dress that she made for me for Easter one year. Kyra loved dancing and running in it. She reminded me of the girls on Little House On the Prairie.

Gavin's New Bed

We are trying to come up with creative ways to save space in our "cute" house (isn't that what we call little things?). So, Jed has spent the last week using his shop skills and his "garage toys" to make Gavin a new loft bed. He has had LOTS of help and that has saved SO much time?! But it is done and Gavin loves the bed and they all love the toy storage/fort under it.

Great Grandma Wolf

The kids enjoyed a few days with Great Grandma while she visited MN from Ohio. Gavin is already talking about seeing "that Great Grandma" when we go for the wedding (little does he know how far away September is). :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Misc. Pictures

Random pictures from the past couple of weeks...

Sometimes they really get along - cheesy grins and all!

This is the only picture I had of Gavin in the past couple of weeks and figured I better be "fair" and put at least one on of him. He has been busy outside since the weather has gotten nice. All I can say is MUDDY!

After their bath.

Her two little puppy dogs - not lap dogs, shoulder dogs. She was proud that they stayed on.

Garden Planning

Jed is excited to get started on planting his garden. He has been looking at the gardening books for months trying to decide what he would plant this year. He isn't the onyl one who is excited. He had some "help" the other night picking out seeds to order. I thought it was cute, not so sure he thought that at the time.

Potty Trained!!!!

Kyra FINALLY decided she wanted to go potty like a big girl. We have been doing great for about two weeks, I think I can oficially say she is potty trained!!! Now we will begin on Carley. She is ready, not sure if I am (when she goes potty, every single piece of clothing has to come off - and she goes about 20 times a day).

Friday, March 6, 2009

I LOVE Our Damb Dog

So, Gavin asks me, "Mom, did you forget to put Ruby on her leash." "No, she is on her leash." "Well, why can I see her out the front window almost on the road then?" Good question. Ruby broke her leash once again. Next time we are getting the heaviest duty one they have. So, I call her from the front door and she comes running and then I have Gavin run to the back door so that she comes in by her kennel and can be in there to dry off (it's 50 degrees today - a little messy to say the least). Well, of course Gavin couldn't catch as she came barreling through the door all excited to be FREE and I couldn't from the front door to the back door before she had the entire floor from the door to the kitchen completely black with mud - literally. So I grab her and take her back outside (she is too muddy even to be in her kennel) and go to tie her up by the front steps on her regular leash (it will have to do for the time being) and of course my efficient husband NEVER leaves that darn leash out there. So, we go through the mud once more and get the lease and I tie her up - now in this whole 30 second process I have somehow become mud from head to toe - so now not only do I have to go back into the house and wash a floor, I have MORE laundry to do. I love our dog....damb dog.