Friday, August 31, 2012

Gavin Turns 9!!!

Gavin turned 9 on August 14th!
 Gavin made his own cake this year - it's a cat. He also enjoyed eatting the frosting as he decorated - green teeth!
 Kyra had to make me one.  It makes me smile!  :-)
 Gavin got a basketball hoop for his birthday.  He goes out there every morning at 7:00am to practice.
 Gavin got a skateboard too, so while all the kids tried the new skateboard, Grandpa tried the scooter.
 Then Uncle Bryon had to try the scooter.


Trip to North Dakota

We made a trip to ND to visit Jed's parents and his sister and family were there while we were there a well.  As always, great time had by all when we get all 9 kiddos together!

And check out these videos - too funny!

Oxbow & Miscellaneous

We spent the day at Oxbow park with some friends.  It was such a beautiful day.  Perfect day for the zoo, a picnic, playing outside and visiting with friends.

 John, Gavin, Declan, Kyra, Josie, Reagan, Carley (and Kirk was not wanting anything to do with the picture at that time but he is there)!

 I woke up one morning at about 5:30 and could not find Gavin anywhere.  I finally went outside and found him working in his garden pulling weeds.  What a guy!
 Reagan playing her guitar.  She loves to be the center of attention.

Swimming lessons this year.  We have some little fish...


Ohio Trip

We lost Grandma Wolf at the end of June this summer.  We made a quick trip to Ohio for the visitation and funeral.  It was good to spend time with family during that difficult time and good to share stories and memories that we had of Grandma.  We also squeezed in some fun at Lake Erie, fireworks, and swimming/picnicing at my aunt and uncles.