Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Baby Sister Arrives!!!

Gavin, Kyra and Carley would like to introduce their new little sister to you.

Reagan Elizabeth was born on Tuesday, May 26th at 8:18am. She weighed 7 lb. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long.

Minus the first night she is proving to be a pretty easy baby so far. The first night was rough with only 1/2 hour of sleep all night but the past three nights Shannon has had to wake Reagan up during the night to eat. She has been sleeping in her crib this morning going on 3 hours now which didn't happen with the other kids until they were AT LEAST 3 months old!

Gavin was a little disappointed with ANOTHER sister but I think he got over that fairly quickly when he got to the hospital the first day and held her for 20 minutes and then wanted to do it again right away. Kyra just loves that she has another sister, "with pretty black eyes" she says. And Carley is in love with Reagan too, something we didn't really think would happen. She gets such a big smile on her face whenever she is around Reagan and says, "My baby sister." She's a little possessive.

We were able to bring Reagan home from the hospital Friday night. Her Daddy was glad about that since she was the ONLY girl on the whole OB floor with 9 other baby boys around her! The nurses called her "little princess" since she was the only girl - we of course think that's pretty fitting. :-) Her doctor said she is doing great. She had a little jaundice the third day but that seemed to already be improving by the fourth day and he wasn't worried. And she had started to gain back a little bit of weight by the time we came home and was back up to 6 lb. 11 oz. when we brought her home.

Enjoy the pictures (sorry for so many but we needed to brag a bit)! :-)
Coming home from the hospital!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Day of "School"

Kyra has a pre-preschool class that she is taking this week and next week. She was so excited to go but Jed and I were both not sure how the seperation thing would go when it came right down to it - but she walked in there, gave me a hug and took off to play with all the toys and all the other little kids - not even a backwards glance. Here is her first day of "school" picture.

Daddy's Girl

Carley is becoming quite the Daddy's girl lately and I just couldn't resist these pictures of her giving her biggest hug. Can't tell they are father/daughter can you?! :-)

Baby News

No, not "baby" baby news (yet) - baby kitten news. Gavin has been waiting and waiting for the cat on Uncle Brandon and Aunt Stacy's farm to have kittens. On Saturday Stacy finally found their hiding place and the kids got to go spend some time with not one litter of 5 but two litters of 5!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend at the Valentine's

Okay, so I send Jed to South Dakota for the weekend with Gavin and Kyra and I explain to him where everything is packed and what all is packed, but of course he was listening "really" well and didn't realize he had the camera with him until Sunday morning. So, not many pictures but thought Laurel and Ernie might enjoy having themselves on a blog since they don't seem to make their own blog very often. :-)

Here are the pictures from Jacson's First Communion and Hayden's Baptism.


Here are some randome pictures taken over the past month.
Rock star...or something.

Kyra has been enjoying the warmer weather and cleaning our yard so there isn't a weed left (they are all on my kitchen window in vases - such beautiful "flowers"). :-)

Went to a garage sale and found the PERFECT Halloween costume for Carley...

Gavin "farming" the rug at the back door. He loves that this rug has straight "rows" on it already.

Gavin flying his kite (yes flying it sitting down) and Ruby took the opportunity for some bonding and an afternoon nap in the sun.