Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reagan - 3 Months

Reagan turned 3 months old on August 26th. She is such an easy baby compared to our other kids - in two words - she sleeps. What a blessing (even though Dad thinks all of the kids slept through the night since the first night they were home from the hospital - they DID NOT). She is quick with a smile and very even tempered for the most part - couldn't ask for more!

She is not a pouty person, but this just made me laugh.

Steele County Fair

Aunt Stacy helped Gavin enter some of his garden produce into the open class at the Steele County Fair. Here is what he took... Pickles.
Biggest vegetable. It wasn't the biggest but it was close!

And his radishes which got a ribbon. If he didn't win this ribbon I was going to have to go buy one just so he could get a ribbon. He thought all of his vegetables deserved a ribbon, but like his Dad always says, "Not everyone can be a winner."

The kids enjoying a pony ride. Carley finally decided she wanted to try it at this fair. She LOVED it, as you can see by her face.

Gavin & Carley milking a cow (sort of).

Reagan's Baptism

We celebrated Gavin's birthday on Saturday night and Reagan's baptism on Sunday! In her baptismal gown.
The kids enjoyed watching the baptism up close since we had it after the regular service.
Family picture - this doesn't happen very often. I think the last time was the day Reagan was born.
Godparents - Aunt Laurel & Uncle Ernie. Laurel was such a good sport but probably wanting to kill us for our timing of all of this. Not only did she have to travel 6-7 hours alone with 4 kids but it's the weekend before they started school. Sorry Laurel!
Nana and Papa with the crew (minus Morgen).
Nana and Papa with the DeWitz clan.

Three generations!

Grandma and Grandpa with Gavin, Kyra, Carley and Reagan.

The "older" girls - Kyra, Keetyn and Carley.

Carley & Kyra all dressed up.

The cousins.

We had LOTS of cake that weekend!

Gavin's 6th Birthday

Gavin turned 6 on August 14th. He requested an airplane cake. This was an extra special party - he got to celebrate with Jacson, who had a birthday on August 5th.

Carley, Lacy & Britton.Lacy & Kyra.

Gavin got some gifts in a HUGE bag - it was big enough for the kids to fit inside. They had fun with that and the bag even survived!
Gavin & Jacson opening gifts.
Grandma and Grandpa Wolf thought that two frogs would be the ultimate gift for a 6 year old. Gavin might think so, his mother does not! Before they ever came home I made it very clear that I do not feed them, I do not clean then and I do not play with them.
The airplane cake. The humidity got the best of me on this cake but it still tasted good (thanks for the recipe Lacy).
Keetyn could not keep her eyes open while eating her cake. Hey, a little snooze and a little cake - what more can you ask for?

Weekend with the Cousins

Jacson, Keetyn, Brittin, Hayden, Laurel, Nana and Papa came to visit us a couple of weekends ago to help Gavin celebrate his 6th birthday and help us celebrate Reagan's baptism. Carley & Daddy - no he has not consumed any alcohol.
Brittin walking down the slide.

Hang on Kyra.

This child fears nothing.

Kyra getting pushed by Papa.

Jacson & Gavin hanging out.

Carley - little monkey.

Jacson - aka smily. This kid is never in a bad mood.

Gavin & Jacson camping out on the living room floor.

Keetyn, Kyra and Carley having a slumber party. And you all thought our house was small with 6 people living in it - try 13 - but it's fun to spend time with the family!

Day at the Lake

We have had fun with the Holland and Rose family this summer - slumber parties at our house, slumber parties at the lake, visits to the lake. This trip we got to celebrate Gavin's (and Shannon's) birthday! Happy Birthday Gavin!
Josie playing with "her Reagan" as she says. I don't think I know a girl who loves babies as much as Josie. And they even coordinated their outfits without trying!

Carley, getting a "ride" from Grandma.

Gavin using the flutter board AND life jacket (in water that goes to his knees). At least he is safe if not a little paranoid!

Kyra swimming in the lake.