Monday, August 3, 2009

Cloud Dancers

There is a local family who has a hot air balloon and we see it quite often in the spring through fall months but on Friday morning it was closer than it's ever been. It took off just to the west of our house and followed Hwy 14 which we are only 1/4 of a mile from. The kids were still sleeping but I had to go wake Gavin up to see it since it was so close.

Taking off...
Right out from our house - you could hear the air going into it - sounded like a dragon.
When it was following the highway the trucks would honk at it as they drove under it - they were not very far off the ground!Yes the did clear these trees, although they had Gavin and me wondering!
Their truck with the trailer that they haul the balloon in parked right outside of our house and waited for the balloon to work its way over our road, then it drove down to the next mail to wait again. They are called "Cloud Dancers".

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