Sunday, August 30, 2009


Here is an update on our garden. We are winding down for the summer. This past week we canned cucumbers and green beans. Brandon and Stacy and Stacy's Mom and brother froze our corn for us - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We picked the last of our cauliflower and gave it to my Mom since we couldn't keep up with it. We also picked the last of our carrots and radishes. We are just beginning to enjoy some ripe tomatoes and we are waiting patiently for our gourdes and pumpkins to be ready this fall! Gavin's tree he has grown from seed.
Gavin checking out the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins and gourdes are one thing we seem to know how to do well!

Carley with the "pretty flowers" from our garden.

More pumpkins and gourdes.

"Cute". That is what she is saying - anything small is cute. She also prefers her tomato to be this color when eating it too - hence the reason why we haven't been able to enjoy any ripe tomatoes yet. This drives her father crazy.
Gavin by his row of sweet corn. It didn't do the best this year, luckily Grandpa has him covered in that area.
Gavin's project. I had this plant in the house and killed it off accidentally. I mean this thing was as dry as can be and brown as can be. We stuck it outside to get rid of and Gavin took it and planted it in his sandbox. Wouldn't you know - give a kid a dead mum and a sandbox and he can get the thing to come back to life. Good work Gavin!

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