Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Another fun year of trick-or-treating.  We are still trying to "get rid" of the candy!  We went to some friends for supper then we all went out in a big group.  The big group lost Reagan before we ever got to the first house - they were a little faster than her chicken legs could take her (literally - chicken legs)!  So, Grandma, Mom and Reagan did our own trick-or-treating but after about 20 minutes Reagan was ready to be done, we tried to convince her to keep going but that resulted in me carrying her and her bulky chicken costume while she proceeded to fall asleep in my arms before we got back.  We were not quite ready to be done with the stroller this year I guess!

A New Cousin!!!

The kids have a new cousin!  Lyndon Wade Wolf was born on October 4th.  We always told Bryon and Jacque they wouldn't have another laid back baby like Declan, but Lyndon is proving us wrong.  He is pretty easy to have around.  Gavin has held him, but I must not have gotten the camera out that time.  :-(

Back At It...

Okay, I know I have said this before, but I am really going to try and start blogging regularly again!  Today is a catch up day.  Here are some misc. pics from the past month.

Gavin ran his first cross country meet a couple of weeks ago.  There were about 50 boys in his age group and he got 8th place!  He was so excited - did that with absolutely ZERO training.  He can't wait to run again.  His teacher is the wife of the cross country coach in Owatonna so she encourages them to do the meets when they have them for younger kids!
 Most people make snow angles, but we didn't have snow, so the girls made a gourd angel around me.  Fairly creative I think.
 Carley and Reagan playing school.
 Gavin absolutely LOVED football this year, except this particular Saturday.  It was so darn cold, it was miserable - players, coaches, refs, spectators could not get that game over with quick enough.

We love Daddy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Harvest

We had a good crop of pumpkins this year!  The kids had fun harvesting.


Some random photos...

 So this is what Reagan does when she is waiting for me to change her diaper.  Good old Baby Powder.  On a plus note.  Almost two weeks ago she decided she was going to be a "big girl" and basically potty trained herself immediately.  Hey, I won't complain with that!  I am done potty training (well, my kids anyway)!  :-)
 Reagan reading a book to her baby.
 I was getting my fall decorations out and Declan decided to get in the pumpkin.  Of course then he couldn't get out - that made mad, but he was having fun before that!
Reagan the Bobble Head.  She can't even walk in a straight line with Gavin's helmet on.


In no way did I ever think I would be a football Mom when my son was only 9...but it has happened.  Jed and Gavin thought it would be a good idea to start tackle football this year?!  So, Gavin started football this year.  The first new experience was the girls and I taking Gavin to the store to purchase all of his football "stuff" that he needed.  I didn't have a clue, but we walked in and a very nice high school football player helped us out and got Gavin fitted for everything he needed.  Football stuff is expensive!  Now we are midway through the two a week practices, scrimmages and games every Saturday morning - and in typical Minnesota football, last Saturday we sat in 38 degree weather with layers and layers on and blakets overtop of us!  Luckily this Saturday it is supposed to be in the 50s I think.  Gavin is loving it and so far no major injuries, just a couple of bruises here and there.  He is the smallest kid on his team but that didn't really suprise us much.  Some of those boys are big!  I just close my eyes when he gets close to them.  He has played a lot of safety but they do move them around from time to time so that they get a feel for all of the spots on the field, although I do not think they have put him on the line yet - thank goodness, that matchup is just too uneven for me!