Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Need Your Help!

Our Uncle Bryon introduced us to the Big Brother Big Sister organization when he joined the Board, now we are trying to do our part to help this wonderful organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youth mentoring organization in the United States. It has been the leader in one-to-one youth service for more than a century, developing positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people. Big Brothers Big Sisters serves children, ages 4 through 14, in communities across the country - including yours. On Saturday, April 17th we will be joining in on the fun...Bowl for Kids' Sake. This is a simple and fun way for us to get involved and help out but we need your help too! Please click on our link and learn how your support can help Big Brothers big Sisters bring the magic of mentoring into young lives. Thanks for helping us out with this worthy cause!

Gavin, Kyra, Carley, Reagan Shannon, Jed & Lisa - Team DeWitz-Wolf

If you would like to help sponsor our team you can click on one of the links below and it will take you to the Big Brother Big Sister Bowl for Kids' Sake website. You can then click on "Sponsor Participant" on the left side of the page. You can then enter one of our names and make a donation to the charity. Our goal is to raise $50 each - $250 as a team! Thanks for helping us out!

Carley's Donation Page: http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=339784&lis=1&kntae339784=CEB2E0B26D48419490116169AD607B5E&supld=287979830

Gavin's Donation Page: http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=339784&lis=1&kntae339784=CEB2E0B26D48419490116169AD607B5E&supld=287979316

Kyra's Donation Page: http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=339784&lis=1&kntae339784=CEB2E0B26D48419490116169AD607B5E&supld=287979793

Lisa's Donation Page: http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=339784&lis=1&kntae339784=CEB2E0B26D48419490116169AD607B5E&supld=287980748

Shannon & Jed's Donation Page: http://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=339784&lis=1&kntae339784=96CFEC85532746E79B2EF5559B3DA996&supld=287834191

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Girl Football"

The kids and Jed were enjoying some time outside between bouts of rain today. Gavin, Kyra and Jed decided to play football. Between each play Gavin would make them huddle to get their instructions so he would say "huddle up, huddle up". Kyra, wanting to do anything her brother does (and do it better) decided it was her turn to call huddle so after the play was done she yelled "cuddle up, cuddle up". Jed called it "girl football", I call it precious!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sarah DeWitz Martinsen 1988-2010

Jed's cousin, Sarah, passed away last Tuesday while in Florida doing volunteer work. Please keep Sarah's family - Wayne, Deb, Galit and Alexis - in your prayers as they deal with the sudden loss of such an amazing young woman.

Hopefully this article gives peoples just a very small glimpse of all the good Sarah did while she was with us.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Pics

Gavin and Kyra have a 6 week basketball camp on Saturday mornings. They are both on the same team (purple shirts - Kyra loves it, Gavin doesn't mind it - looks like the Vikings). It is interesting to say the least. Gavin is doing pretty well and had a head start because of his after school program he goes to (it helps to play against 8th graders - you never win but it sure does make you a better player). :-) Kyra likes to watch everyone else as she stands in the middle of the court and make friends with the other little girls. On the rare occasion that she does play she gets into fights - that's right, our little girl got into a hitting/pushing fight with a boy 2 feet taller than her last week. He got her in the eye and she didn't like that so she pushed him and he pushed her back which hurt her feelings and ended up with Dad having to go get his sobbing little girl off of the court, but after a couple of minutes she composed herself, decided she was more mad than hurt and went back to playing ball. I figured we wouldn't get through 4 kids without a fight at some point, but I didn't figure it would be our 4 year old.

Carley could care less about sports, but she is 100% into babies, princess and dressup. She can always be found with a goofy outfit on. She makes us laugh!

Jed and the kids planted their seedlings last Saturday morning. They are now in the playroom under florescent lights - we are getting more high tech every year. Guess we gotta do something since this early planting stuff never seems to work out for us!

And Reagan...well Reagan's favorite thing to do is play in the bathroom and unroll roll after roll of toilet paper. Ahhh...so frustrating but when she smiles like she is in this picture how can you possibly be mad!

And after all that hard work of unrolling toilet paper she has fallen asleep in her highchair twice this past week.

Hula Hoop Dance

Gavin's Kindergarten class had a special day on Friday to celebrate warmer weather to come. So, they had a Luau in their classroom and all the kids dressed up in their shorts, sunglasses, sandals, hats etc. I put a video of his "Hula Hoop" dance. Please note - he did not get these moves from his Mom or Dad. :-) Just ignore the sibling rivalry going on during the video.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Installment...Things You Never Thought You'd Hear Yourself Say

"Carley, get those scissors out of your nose."

Tune in next time for...Things you never thought you'd hear yourself say?!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Another Monday

So, every family has days like this, right?...

Daughter #2 comes running into the kitchen crying and screaming with a bloody nose - dripping on the living room carpet, on the kitchen floor, on her shirt and on Mom's shirt...daughter #1 is following daughter #2 close behind saying, "it was an accident, right Carley". Your son who was in the bathroom when the "incident" happened is now locked in the bathroom - where he has to stay until Mom can control the bleeding nose, scold the one who did it and find some kind of tool to help her get son out of bathroom. AND daughter #3 is sitting in her high chair, eating Cheerios and smiling at the funny show she gets to watch. So, again I ask, every family has days like this, right? This is a hypothetical question of course...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week in Review

Have some random pics from the last week that I thought I would share!

Reagan ended up with her first ear infection last Saturday and possibly strep but the dr. didn't want to put her through the swab test since the meds for the ear infection would take care of the strep as well if that is what she had. She was MUCH happier after she got her medicine. She had her 9 month check up on Monday and other than the red ears and red throat is doing great! She weighed 18 .5 lb. and was 27 in. long, both of which were right at the 50% mark for her age. Kyra had her Kindergarten screening yesterday and did GREAT! She is so ready for school. I haven't told her that she has to wait another year and a half to go. :-) Enjoy... This morning Carley asked me if she could dust, so I got the swiffer duster out for her and this is what she went to dust - her sister! Reagan thought this was SO funny!
Sleeping with her butt in the air.

This is Jed's lunch box that he takes to work everyday. Carley was carrying it around saying, "Mom, see my work purse." Jed did not find this as amusing as I did. :-)

I took each of the 3 older kids for a snowmobile ride last weekend. Carley and me returning from our ride. Kyra would not go a couple of weekends ago when Grandpa and Daddy tried to get her to go but after thinking about it for a couple of weeks and hearing Gavin talk about it non stop, she decided maybe she wouldn't be so nervous to do it if Mommy took her. She did great, no hesitation! Gavin could ride snowmobile 24/7 and not get tired of it!

One afternoon Reagan fell asleep like this in her crib - sitting up and using the blankets for a pillow.

She is standing up everywhere BUT she has absolutely no interest in taking steps.

Carley crawling out of the cupboard on our entertainment center.

Then the girls thought it would be fun to shove their sister in the cupboard, luckily she is laid back and game for pretty much anything that gets her siblings attention right now!