Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Pics

Gavin and Kyra have a 6 week basketball camp on Saturday mornings. They are both on the same team (purple shirts - Kyra loves it, Gavin doesn't mind it - looks like the Vikings). It is interesting to say the least. Gavin is doing pretty well and had a head start because of his after school program he goes to (it helps to play against 8th graders - you never win but it sure does make you a better player). :-) Kyra likes to watch everyone else as she stands in the middle of the court and make friends with the other little girls. On the rare occasion that she does play she gets into fights - that's right, our little girl got into a hitting/pushing fight with a boy 2 feet taller than her last week. He got her in the eye and she didn't like that so she pushed him and he pushed her back which hurt her feelings and ended up with Dad having to go get his sobbing little girl off of the court, but after a couple of minutes she composed herself, decided she was more mad than hurt and went back to playing ball. I figured we wouldn't get through 4 kids without a fight at some point, but I didn't figure it would be our 4 year old.

Carley could care less about sports, but she is 100% into babies, princess and dressup. She can always be found with a goofy outfit on. She makes us laugh!

Jed and the kids planted their seedlings last Saturday morning. They are now in the playroom under florescent lights - we are getting more high tech every year. Guess we gotta do something since this early planting stuff never seems to work out for us!

And Reagan...well Reagan's favorite thing to do is play in the bathroom and unroll roll after roll of toilet paper. frustrating but when she smiles like she is in this picture how can you possibly be mad!

And after all that hard work of unrolling toilet paper she has fallen asleep in her highchair twice this past week.

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