Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh No She Didn't...Oh Yes She Did...

Finally took some more pictures of the kittens. They are growing fast. They have their eyes open now, drank their first bowl of milk yesterday and are starting to walk and venture around the garage a bit. The kids cannot stay away from them - they should be either as tame as ever and nothing bothers them or they will be wild as can be, just to get away from "little people".
So, today I thought Carley was upstairs but after not hearing from her or seeing her for a little while I figured I better check on her. Come to find out she had snuck outside. So, as I open the door to the breezeway, she is sitting on the rug playing barber with the kitten. Yes, she did in fact give the kitten a hair cut with her little kid scissors. Now, I would have normally been upset about this (and I still pretended to be upset with her because no, I do not really wanting her giving the cats haircuts) but in reality I was thanking God that she used the scissors on the cat instead of on herself (especially since she is in Uncle Britton and Aunt Lacy's wedding this weekend). So, thank goodness for small favors. The cat has a shorter look but Carley is still normal looking. I am locking all of the scissors up in our house. I thought we were past the hair (of any kind) cutting stages.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gavin Turned 7!!!

Gavin turned 7 on August 14th! Ever since going to kindergarten he has decided that sports are a big part of his life and he is very loyal to the MN teams - Twins and Vikings. This year he wanted a baseball themed cake. As you will notice, the cake wasn't the only baseball going on for this party - I am definately seeing a theme! After the big party day, Jed and I were tucking him in to bed and he said, "you know, I think this is going to be my favorite birthday ever." And what made it so special you ask? He said "because I got to go fishing with Grandpa". (Besides Twins stuff he got a new fishing pole that he and Grandpa had to go try out after the party - must be a good one, they caught some fish)!

Happy Birthday Gaver Man! We love you.

Catching Up

The kids and Jed have been having lots of luck in the garden. Carrots, cucumbers, green beans, cabbage, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and broccoli! Aunt Stacy helped the kids take some stuff to the fair last week. They did well and had such a GREAT time being participants at the fair! Kyra with an arm load of green peppers.
Princess Pepper from Star Wars.

He was very proud of these peppers.

A HUGE tomato that Gavin found in the garden - yes he was eating it like an apple.

Reagan checking out our newest additions to the family...

I loved Reagan's face after she looked into the milk can and found the kittens meowing up at her - her face was priceless. She found a treasure! And no, we did not put them in the milk can, the cat decided this is where they were safe ?!Our "kitten" had kittens of her own - 5 of them - 1 orange, 2 white and 2 black. Anyone need a kitten?

Jed was watching the girls and they decided to have a stroller parade!

Since Britton and Lacy's wedding right around the corner, the girls are very much into dancing and playing "bride". This was Carley's bride outfit at Grandma's house - a baby blanket and a dollie on her head for a veil.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carley, Carley, Carley...

We are driving in the car today and this is how the conversation went:

Carley: "I just farted."
Me: "You did?" (Sometimes you just have to go with the conversation).
Carley: "Yup."
Me: "Did you make it stink?"
Carley: "No, the fart made it stink."

Oh, she made both Mom and Dad laugh at that one.

Friday, August 13, 2010

It's an oatmeal on the floor kind of day...

So, a couple of quick things you need to know before I start this story:

1. A while back our vacuum started smoking when I was using it, so we borrowed my Mom and Dad's extra vacuum sine we no longer felt safe using ours. While Mom and Dad's is nice - an Oreck, it does not have the hose attachment.
2. Last week our kitten had kittens of her own - 5 of them. They are so darn cute 2 black, two white and 1 red. (By the way Laurel, Jed said they are all yours, he knows Ernie will thank him later). :-)
3. I had seen the Mama kitten (I say kitten because we have only had her a couple of months and we think she was a kitten when we got her) yesterday in the morning and again at about 3:30. She is not shy and we see her daily. Last night Jed could not find her and she was not with her kittens, which has not been the norm since she had them. Sometimes before she had her kittens though she would go out at night to do her hunting, so we were hoping that was just the case and that we were not going to have to figure out how to feed 5 baby kittens. This morning though, I honestly had forgotten that Mama kitty was MIA.

Okay, now my story...

This morning started out so good. Jed was off to work and I was the first one up in the house, which is saying something all by itself, but since I was the first one up at 7:40 that was REALLY saying something. But it all seemed to go downhill from there.

The girls in all their creative glory decided to use the family size oatmeal container for a drum (which would have been fine) but they wanted it to be empty, so of course the emptied it, spilling the entire contents of a brand new container of family sized oatmeal onto our bedroom floor. Which somehow also got on our bed, under the treadmill and behind the dresser, on the stairs and in the living room. Ahhh (read growl there)!!!! So, I spent the better part of an hour cleaning that up and it is still far from done. Since the vacuum I am now using does not have the hose attachment I did the best I could with that and then I got our dust buster out, but that only runs for so long before it needs to be charged again. Well, I couldn't just leave the mess all over the floor because then the mess would spread even further when Reagan decided she needed to play in it. So, my brother and sister-in-law aren't home but I decided to go steal their vacuum anyway so that I could use the hose on it. So, I go out to the van and I open the door and very quickly got a glimpse of something moving in the passenger seat. As I am slamming the door shut to keep "something" between me and the varmint, I realize it is our Mama kitten who must have snuck in yesterday when I was unloading things from the van (considering we had a heat index of 107 yesterday I am still not completely sure how she is still alive but she looked no worse for ware). So, I get her out of there and take her in to her kittens. She drank a ton of water but then laid down and proceeded to let the poor little kittens who had not eaten in over 12 hours eat. All is good with the cat and her brood. All is not good with the female population at the DeWitz household. So, I go back to my original task and went to get Brandon and Stacy's vacuum, I brought it home and it has all the attachments and I think it has a hose but heck if I can figure out how to use that darn vacuum, are you kidding me, I can't figure out how to use a vacuum, but no, I can't figure it out. So, I stuck both vacuums into the bedroom, shut the door and called it good until my husband gets home and can figure out the neighbors vacuum or until the dust buster recharges, whichever is first. So, end of that problem for the time being. Thank goodness for Gavin, he has been my saving grace today. He has helped me "try" to clean the house and has kept a crabby Reagan entertained all morning. The girls have been banned to the upstairs until it is spotless, which I expect we won't see them until sometime next month (maybe). Gavin just went to "check" on the girls (read tease) and he came back to inform me that it is messier than when they started (surprise, surprise) and that Carley is poopy - well of course she is, she has underwear on, why wouldn't she be - just one more thing to clean up today.

So, I hope you are NOT having "an oatmeal on the floor kind of day today".

Ahhh...Sisterly Love

Reagan was having a snack and Carley was just trying to show some love but for some reason when I look at these pictures I am not feeling the love?!

Dog Days of Summer

Gavin, Kyra & Carley TRYING to play with Gavin's new game that he got for his birthday from his cousins, but of course Reagan wanted to be in the middle of things "literally". The kids jad John & Josie over on Tuesday to play & spend the night and then Gavin & Kyra went to the lake with them on Wednesday to spend the night. Here we are reading bedtime stories. "Move Over Rover" was a favorite.
Eating supper in our pj's. the kids each made their own pizza breadsticks and ate their own cooking - good stuff!

We have been having 90-95 degree days for the past week and with the heat index it has been over 100 degrees. Yesterday was 107. Ahhh...I hate humidity. It is not even bearable to be outside, so we have spent the last week cooped up in the house, shades pulled, air conditioner on. I think it finally caught up with us today (but that is another blog all in itself...stay tuned). So, one night it was going to storm and I went outside to get some pictures of the very wierd clouds before it hit. Actually ended up not doing much other than rain REALLY hard but sure looked spooky.

Kyra after she fed the steers before she got her bath. She looks like she got bit by a flour fairy. Really it was a corn dust fairy.

And the reason for my title on this blog posting... She was upside down sleeping in her dog house and was so relaxed that her lip was hanging down...or was it hanging up?!
Last day of swimming lessons. Kyra did great but will repeat level one again next year when she is a bit taller - she definately had a couple of challenges just because she was the only one who couldn't touch but she will do fine next year. Gavin passed level one and is looking forward to level two next year. The last two days both Kyra and Gavin jumped into the 8 foot area of the pool. And on the last day Gavin decided he would like to try the diving board and jumped in. Jed and I thought there was no way he would do this, but he proved us wrong.
8 foot
I love this picture of our "trouble maker angel". Daddy and the girls killing time while the other two have lessons.
He looks terrified to jump into the 4 foot but actually he was just cold.