Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh No She Didn't...Oh Yes She Did...

Finally took some more pictures of the kittens. They are growing fast. They have their eyes open now, drank their first bowl of milk yesterday and are starting to walk and venture around the garage a bit. The kids cannot stay away from them - they should be either as tame as ever and nothing bothers them or they will be wild as can be, just to get away from "little people".
So, today I thought Carley was upstairs but after not hearing from her or seeing her for a little while I figured I better check on her. Come to find out she had snuck outside. So, as I open the door to the breezeway, she is sitting on the rug playing barber with the kitten. Yes, she did in fact give the kitten a hair cut with her little kid scissors. Now, I would have normally been upset about this (and I still pretended to be upset with her because no, I do not really wanting her giving the cats haircuts) but in reality I was thanking God that she used the scissors on the cat instead of on herself (especially since she is in Uncle Britton and Aunt Lacy's wedding this weekend). So, thank goodness for small favors. The cat has a shorter look but Carley is still normal looking. I am locking all of the scissors up in our house. I thought we were past the hair (of any kind) cutting stages.

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