Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Weekend

We welcomed a new member to the family this past weekend. Lacy and Britton were married on Saturday in Woodbury. Family began arriving on Wednesday evening and the last of them left Tuesday morning. Friday it was windy and cold...VERY cold for the rehearsal dinner that was planned for the outdoors, but we were die hards and did it anyway. It's amazing how many clothes people can "find" in their cars when the weather calls for it! Saturday was a beautiful sunny, mild day. The wedding was beautiful as were the bride & groom. Congrats Britton and Lacy!

Sorry, these are in no particular order... Aunt Diane looking at pictures with the kids.
Grandpa, Grandma, Great Grandpa Bob, & Grandma Bonnie.

Grandpa Bob & Grandma Bonnie with the kids. It took MANY pictures to get this one but it turned out pretty good!

Grandpa Bob helping Carley and Kyra get their dunking technique just perfect (something he has taught ALL of his newest grandchildren and great grandchildren over the past 7 years!

Reagan dunking her cracker. She looks so proud.

Carley and Reagan snuggling - I think they might just be a little tired.

Great Grandma Wolf with the kids.

Second (or third, not sure how that works out?) cousins - Wade and Reagan playing in Grandma's flower bed. Shhh...don't tell her.
Little mother hen Kyra helping Reagan along.
A relaxing Sunday in Claremont.
Tyler, Gavin and Nick. Gavin LOVES spending time with these two!She thinks she is hot stuff.
Great Grandma Miller.

Reagan hanging out with Uncle Mike and giving Great Grandpa a "burner" hand slap.

By 10:30 on Saturday night this is what all of our kids looked like. I can't imagine why...after 4 days without a nap, late bedtimes, early rising, and much visiting with relatives!!!

#4 down for the count - Reagan snuggling with cousin Meghan.

#1 down (even though his eyes are open - he is "down" - he was out less than a minute later). Snuggling with Aunt Sharon.
#2 down. Okay, so Kyra isn't down yet. But she went from dancing all over the reception venue to "dancing" in uncle Britton's arms for her last 4 songs that she "danced" to. Thanks for the lift Uncle Britton! We put her in her carseat when we left and she was asleep before we got Carley strapped in to her carseat. A matter of seconds!
And #3 down. Carley was the first to go. She got too heavy and too hot to hold, so I found a nice quiet place by the head table for her to rest.

Gavin and cousin Tyler hanging out.

Lacy giving a speech. Britton giving a dance move?! Not sure what he was doing, but looks like he is having a good time.
Cousins - Joe, Wade, Reagan and Jason with Grandma.
Daddy and Kyra having a rest time.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon with Reagan.

The Wolf Family - Jason, Brandon and Stacy.

Britton and Lacy being escorted to the reception by Bryon and Jacque.
Uncle Bryon, Gavin, Carley, Uncle Britton, Kyra and Aunt Jacque - good looking crew!

Reagan catching some zzz's after the wedding.

They were all dressed up and hair done - I had to do some "yearly" photos to update my picture frames.



Grandma and Grandpa.

Buddies - Uncle Mike & Carley.
The ceremony: The kids did great - everyone walked down the isle and they looked so darn cute!
A new family photo. Yeah! Great Grandma Miller, Grandma Wolf and Reagan.
Carley, Kyra, Lacy, Britton and Gavin.
The guys. The girls.
The brothers checking out the rings.
Beautiful Bride!
The grandparents - Bonnie, Bob, Lacy, Britton, Betty, Audrey.
Britton and Bryon before the ceremony.
Little Miss Reagan.
The girls enjoying the smell of the freshly delivered flowers. Aunt Sharon pinning Gavin's flower on.
Many times people think these two are twins when we are out and about - not so far off when you dress them alike!
3 good looking gals - Carley, Jacque and Kyra.

The VERY chilly rehearsal dinner at the park.
Checking each other out. Grandpa Bob and Reagan.
Grandpa Bob reading Amelia Bedeila with Carley.
Reagan and Jason giving Aunt Stacy a run for her money! :-) Grandma Bonnie playing Twister witht he kids.
Grandma aka "wonder woman". She has 80 people to feed the next day but she makes time for her grandkids - snuggling with Kyra and Carley on the living room floor.

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Laurel said...

Awesome pictures!!! Will you come dress my kids up and take pictures of them?? Somehow, mine never turn out that well!