Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain Update

UPDATE:  Here is a link to the newspaper pictures - most of them from Owatonna (the town that Gavin goes to school in).

The rain has stopped...for now!  The rain finally stopped last night during the night and it is supposed to be dry, windy and cool today, so hopefully a LOT of drying out can happen before more rain tomorrow.  Gavin's school (that never cancels) called at 6:00AM this morning and they are cancelled for at least today.  The waters are still rising in Owatonna, just 2 blocks from his school (luckily his school is up on a hill so I don't anticipate major problems for the school) although they did have flooding in the basement lunchroom yesterday but they had the clean up under control and were able to keep on top of new water entering the building.  But many homes have not been so lucky and many roads are still closed.  Lots of sand bags are still being made but a levy failed that is right in down town and flooded major roads, businesses, homes and the power plants, so much of the sand bag efforts have been stopped at this point.  My Mom talked about picking up some pizzas and bringing it home for supper tonight, I reminded her that the pizza place is on the other side of Owatonna and although there is probably a way to get there eventually, it would be more like a 30-45 minute drive instead of a 3 minute drive from work.  So, we sit by the tv and watch the terrible flooding and we hope for a stop to the rain and we pray for all of those people who have lost homes and we are thankful for the fact that no major injuries or any deaths have been reported because of the flooding. 

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