Monday, June 20, 2011

For Our Dad's...

For all the things you said and did
that made me such a lucky kid,
The working hard, the taking care...
for being strong and being there.

For all the things that helped me grow,
the staying close, the letting go,
The honesty and humor, too...
for being real and being you.

For all your love, the gifts you give,
the man you are, the life yo live,
For all these things and so much more,
you're the dad I'm thankful for.

Happy Father's Day!

(I did not write this, but I couldn't put it in any better words.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

House Update

Well, with 100+ degree heat two days last week and a day of rain, our house project was not as prouctive as we had hoped.  But we did make a little progress.  We now have a sub floor on top of our poured basement walls, basement windows and wall are framed in, and the excavator was able to get back out and do the backfill around the house.  Today (Monday) they are already hard at work framing the upstairs.  No walls up yet but there is one finished one laying on top of the subfloor so we are hoping that by the end of the day we have a wall or two that is up!  Will post more at the end of the week.  Supposed to be a wet week again, so hopefully between the bouts of rain they can get in and get more framing done.

A Visit from Aunt Sharon

We had a wonderful phone call last Monday when my Aunt Sharon called to see if I could pick her up at the airport the very next day!  Of course!!!  Sharon was able to make a last minute trip to MN last week and spent 5 days with all of us.  We had a great time, as always!

Dad and Reagan snuggling and reading a book.

 Aunt Sharon feeding baby Declan!
 So big!
 Carley and Jacque reading a book together.  Carley looks more like Jacque than she does me.
 Gavin showing off his reading skills to Aunt Sharon.
 Carley cornered someone else to read now - that girl never gets enough of books, which is good!
 And...yet another...Carley reading with Aunt Sharon.
 Okay, yes, we did do more than read the whole time.  :-)
 Watching Uncle Brandon move the tractor around.
 Playing Memory.  Kyra won - Kyra always wins.
 We all had to take a turn to see who could reach their tounge to their nose.  Does this count?!
 Washing their feet after being outside.
 Yes, more reading and more snuggling.
 Those girls can't get enough of that little guy.
 All the cousins.
 Baby Declan
 Kyra spoiling Declan.  That kid is never not held.  My Mom says you can't spoil a baby.  We will see what we can do!  :-)
 Why yes, yes they are reading!  Uncle Bryon and Carley.

Gavin's Field Trip

Gavin's school took them to a water park the second to last day of school this year.  He had such a wonderful time!

Having Summer Fun

Gavin's last day of school.
 Reagan - once again has "fun" all over her face.  I think this was an M&M snack.
 And here she didn't make it through her snack - fell asleep right at the table. 
 Reagan loves her baby - which means baby has to sit at the table with her every morning for beakfast, but not only that anymore, but the baby now needs a bowl with cereal in it too.  Really?!
 Best friends.  Carley and Reagan.
 Kyra picking flowers from Grandma's backyard.
 Reagan and Jason sharing a ride.
 She looks determined doesn't she!?
 Making pancakes for breakfast - they pretty much did it all!
 Reagan now has gotten to the point that she not only has to put one of her diapers on her baby but she also has to wipe the baby's but with a wet wipe.  She really goes to town.  When I start watching Declan I am going to see if I can train her to replace the doll with the real baby and change his diaper for me. :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Reagan's Birthday Party

It was the party that almost never was...Poor Reagan, had to postpone her birthday party because Kyra was sick.  Then the postponed party was cancelled because birthday girl and Carley were sick.  Then we couldn't find a date that would work for most of the family to be able to help her celebrate...but FINALLY, we were able to celebrate yesterday with a picnic lunch on an amazingly beautiful day.  So, the first pictures of her with her "cute" cake are from the first round (I already had her cake made before Kyra got sick).  Then I took the easy way out the second time and just did regular old cakes.  Sorry Reagan!