Monday, June 6, 2011

Having Fun in the Sun

We have been having fun in the sun.  Finally a stretch of days without rain.  This week now it is feeling like summer - two 100+ degree days this week.

Check out her hat!
 Reagan would live outside if she could.  Unfortunately, even when she has sunscreen on she tends to get a little red, so we have to pick and choose the times of the day that she can be out or else cover her up a bit.
 Say cheese!
 Hanging out on the house supplies.
 Gotta love that smile!
 That one too!  :-)
 And she was not loving the water that day.
 Carley LOVES to go through the sprinkler, but her version of playing in the sprinkler is one time through, get the towel dry off, get dressed, wait 15 minutes, put swim suit back on, run through once, dry get the picture.  It annoys the heck out of her mother!
 Oh, that's cold.
 Time for a drink.  She was so proud that she could do this.
 Everyone now.

 Gavin decided to build a model of our house plans.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.

 Bebopping around in the gator.
 And yes that is my 7 year old driving.
 Reagan loves Declan.  She has to be caressing him whenever she is near him.  And she is good a throwing a fit if she can't hold him when she wants to.

 Kyra likes her quality time with Dec too.
 First time Reagan got to hold Declan "by herself".
 Gavin likes having another "guy" around.  Even if he does sleep all the time.
 Hanging out in the garden.
 Planting some perennials.  Unfortunately, because of the new house and tearing down the old house, all of our flowers now have to be planted in the vegetable garden until w figure out where everything will go (a couple of years from now).
 She was a darn good little gardener.  Better than the 3 older ones put together.
 The troops.
 One of her breaks from the slip and slide.  She does that the same way she does the sprinkler.
 This morning Gavin and Kyra came running in at 6:00 to wake us up to show us the wildlife in the backyard.

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