Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reagan - 9 Months

Reagan is 9 months old (on Friday)! She is crawling everywhere and enjoys it when her sisters and brother chase her. She is now standing up wherever she can pull herself up. She decided she was done with the baby food and done with nursing so she now eats whatever we eat and will not take a bottle so she drinks from a sippy cup. She has two teeth, wakes up anywhere from 4-7 times a night and loves to compete with her siblings to see who can be the loudest at the dinner table! She is doing great. Mom would love to get some uninterrupted sleep!

Sledding Day

We enjoyed a day of sledding and visiting with Gavin & Kyra's friends John and Josie on Sunday. The kids always have an amazing time when they are with John and Josie - whether it is sledding or swimming (their Grandparents live on the lake)! The kids walked to "Pirate Island" on the ice covered lake - they thought that was really neat. They heard the pirates!? And Gavin said he saw where they went pee in the snow (thanks to the deer). :-) Reagan listening to a story from Amanda.
Gavin brought his snowboard and did great!
Carley and Jed - as I was taking this picture he said, "I have snow in places that show should not be." Why do you think I let him go out while I stay in with Reagan?! :-)

Reagan and Mary Jane. There were 3 dogs in the house and Reagan loved them - as long as they weren't near her.
Jed and Carley starting down the hill.

Grandma overseeing everything, Jed, Aunt Stacy and Carley, John and Josie.

Kyra and the neighbor girl - Casey headed down - I don't think they look to sure about this?!

Kyra, Casey, Jed, Carley, Josie, Stacy.

Ready set go!


Took a bunch of pictures off of our camera and thought I would share some with you!
Kyra trying on a flower girl dress that her friend Josie let her borrow.

Of course Carley had to try it on too.

Somewhere in that mess of dogs, bears and dolls is a little girl named Carley. She HAS to sleep like this every night. Out of all of the kids she has the biggest bed but the least amount of room for herself because she had to have all of her "Friends" in her bed with her.

This is Reagan's new favorite thing to do. When she is on the changing table she doesn't lay down for long - so whoever is changing her diaper better be quick - then she either kneels or stand holding onto the back railing, looking outside and shaking the whole changing table - she giggles - she finds this amusing?!

Carley = snowmoballerina.

Sisters and best friends - snuggling on the chair together - I hope they always are this close!

Gavin on Mt. DeWitz in our back yard. Yes this is their now hill. Yikes - it is beginning to make Mom nervous. :-)

We have snow piled everywhere. It is hard to drive because you cannot see cars coming at any of the intersections or driveways because the snow is piled so high.

Reagan crawling EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING!

Yes, Mt. DeWitz is as tall as our house - now I know we don't have a very big house, but seriously, the kids snow hill is seriously as tall as our house.

Frosty morning. Foggy too so it's hard to see how pretty this tree was.

Frost on the icicles.
Reagan not only crawls now but she pulls herself up into a standing position on everything that she possibly can. She learned this week that she can also do that in her crib, so now she plays in her crib instead of going to sleep at night.

Carley and Reagan - buds. When Gavin is at school and Kyra is at preschool, Carley has learned to be "Mommy's helper" and loves to take care of, entertain and play with Reagan.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend in LaCrosse

We spent last weekend in LaCrosse with Grandma & Grandpa and Uncle Britton & Aunt Lacy. It was a BIG weekend but so much fun! We stayed in a hotel Saturday night and went swimming Saturday night and again Sunday morning. We went out to eat Saturday night with Grandma, Grandpa, Britton, Lacy and Kim & Mike (Lacy's Mom and Dad). Sunday Jed and I took the kids to the Children's Museum. We spent 2 1/2 hours there but I am pretty sure they could have spent at least another 2 1/2 hours there - but we had to get home - Gavin had plans to have a Super Bowl party (with his Mom and Dad and sisters).

Carley driving the firetruck.This "contraption" was probably the neatest thing there (at least Jed and I thought so). You put a ball or a scarf into the hole and it was sucked through the maze of tubing and then would shoot out another hole - they kids had fun trying to guess where it would come out and then trying to catch it. Those things moved!Gavin figuring out the mechanics of the firetruck.Gavin, Kyra and Carley on their way to a fire.Gavin was excited to try the rock climbing wall. We tried to tell him that it was only open at certain times - well it happened, to be open when we were there, so he gave it a try!Getting strapped in.Up...Up...Okay, so he got about 4 feet off the ground, but at least he tried.Carley playing with the HUGE train track - there were even holes in the middle so she could reach all the way around her.Playing with the boats in the "river" and learning what dams and forks etc. do to the water. They loved this exhibit.Carley driving the boat - she was very proud that she found this before anyone else!Kyra climbing the tree - our child who has no fear - this could be looked at as a good thing but as a mother, this is not always a good thing. :-Carley tried playing some music for us.Kyra in the "little kids" play area - next year she won't be able to play in there. While the girls did that, Gavin decided to go into the shadow cave and create shadows on the wall and then a picture would be taken and of your shadow and leave it on the wall.Giving us a puppet show.Kyra and Gavin enjoyed the "news room" and tried to predict the weather - sadly they did better than the real weathermen. :-)Carley filled her cart at the mini-Kwik Trip (gas station). She loved it, it looked just like our regular gas stations but everything was miniature and she could reach it all - and she did as you can see by her full cart.Filling up with gas.Reagan and Gavin swimming together - Jed told Gavin to make the face?Gavin.Gavin with Grandma after he just jumped him (aka, fell into her arms because he was not even close to comfortable jumping in).Unlike her brother, Kyra jumped in over and over and over...and get the picture.Kyra and Grandma - not sure which one likes water more - and that's saying a lot!1-2-3 jump!Even though this picture doesn't look like Reagan enjoyed the pool - she LOVED it. She was in there for a couple of ours and again the next morning. She just sat in that little floaty and splashed the water that came in. She is going to be a fish like Kyra.
Daddy and Reagan relaxing.Gavin didn't trust those darn arm floats at all but when we finally just let go of him in the middle of the pool, he figured it out and then he LOVED being able to "Swim" by himself.
And, needless to say, the return trip home was MUCH quieter than on the way there. They were all exhausted!