Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sledding Day

We enjoyed a day of sledding and visiting with Gavin & Kyra's friends John and Josie on Sunday. The kids always have an amazing time when they are with John and Josie - whether it is sledding or swimming (their Grandparents live on the lake)! The kids walked to "Pirate Island" on the ice covered lake - they thought that was really neat. They heard the pirates!? And Gavin said he saw where they went pee in the snow (thanks to the deer). :-) Reagan listening to a story from Amanda.
Gavin brought his snowboard and did great!
Carley and Jed - as I was taking this picture he said, "I have snow in places that show should not be." Why do you think I let him go out while I stay in with Reagan?! :-)

Reagan and Mary Jane. There were 3 dogs in the house and Reagan loved them - as long as they weren't near her.
Jed and Carley starting down the hill.

Grandma overseeing everything, Jed, Aunt Stacy and Carley, John and Josie.

Kyra and the neighbor girl - Casey headed down - I don't think they look to sure about this?!

Kyra, Casey, Jed, Carley, Josie, Stacy.

Ready set go!

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