Monday, February 1, 2010

Kyra - 4th Birthday!

Kyra celebrated her 4th birthday on January 27th! She celebrated on the 27th with her Mom and Dad and brother and sisters with cupcakes. But the real party was on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa and half of her aunts and uncles. Make a wish.

Birthday girl - princess for a day.

She requested a Barbie ballerina cake - and of course it had to be purple.

Reagan hanging out with Aunt Lacy and Aunt Jacque.

And spending some time with Uncle Britton.

More barbies!

Uncle Bryon enjoying his balloon!? :-)

Reagan getting some Grandma time.

Kyra LOVES to open presents!

Carley and Mommy snuggling. She couldn't understand why she didn't get to open presents too. Such hard lessons in life.Gavin hanging out with Uncle Bryon.

Grandpa making Reagan laugh.

Carley had to be princess for a little while too. :-)

The purple, Barbie, ballerina cake for a 4 year old!

She calls her star wand a "bibbity-bobbity-boo" and every time she points it at something she has to say that!

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