Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Week!!!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon fly to Minnesota for a long weekend. We crammed a lot of fun into 4 days!!!

My pictures are all going to be in reverse on this blog...sorry.

So, in reverse, you will soon understand why Carley zonked out on our bed yesterday just after supper.

Carley having story time with Grandpa.

We went to the Rainforest Cafe. Kyra enjoying eating a bowl of marinara sauce left over from the cheese sticks. Uncle Bryon and Carley changed a penny into a souvenir Rainforest Cafe coin.

Then it was Gavin's turn to make "magic" with his penny.

And Kyra...

Carley had a friendly chat with the alligator in the pond.

Sharon, Reagan, Carley, Kyra, Gavin, Jason, Mike.

Uncle Britton and Gavin - they look alike, they dress alike, they walk alike and they pretty much act alike...twins - 18 years apart.

We visited the Lego store at the Mall of America!

Grandma, Reagan, Aunt Sharon and Jason.

Aunt Sharon & Uncle Mike took all of the kids to the Build a Bear store at the Mall of America and they each got to pick out their own stuffed animal along with outfits to dress them in. This was an hour and a half of LOTS of stimulation - for adults and kids. But it was so much fun and the kids have literally not put their new stuffed animals down since walking out of the store with them. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharon! It was such a fun outing but we could have done without the 2 hour (should have taken one hour) drive home in a tornado warning! Wind and LOTS of rain made for a difficult drive home but every eventually made it.

Reagan picked a pink flamingo (Uncle Mike named it Pinkie - original isn't it?!) ;-) Yes, they are all named, after you pick it out, stuff it and dress it you have to create a birth certificate for it, complete with its name.

Here the flamingo was sharing a snack with Reagan in the stroller.

Pinkie is as big as Reagan is.

Kyra picked a unicorn. She kept saying over and over on the way home, "Mom, isn't it the most beautiful unicorn you have ever seen?" She is very proud of her unicorn (who coincidentally does not have a horn at all) - when we asked Kyra about this she said, "not all unicorns have to have a horn, some don't but they aren't a horse." Okay then. Kyra named hers Katachellie (came up with that all on her own she did).

Uncle Britton in the "dressing room" helping Carley dress her panda bear (named Lily) in a princess outfit. He looks thrilled! :-)

Lacy and Britton helping Kyra put a princess dress on her horse - they quickly realized that a horse (aka unicorn) is not the easiest thing to get into a dress, but they did it!

Reagan, just hanging out!

Gavin picked a scruffy dog (later named TC), who was by no means cute but then he found this Twins Joe Mauer jersey and put it on the dog, and wouldn't you know it, he ended up being so darn cute!

Grandpa helped Gavin out with preliminary outfits (Twins and Vikings - Gavin wonders how he can go wrong...but such decisions for a 6 year old). Grandma, Aunt Sharon and Britton helping Gavin make his final decision.

Hello Mr. Pink Flamingo! She likes to chew on it's nose - a love bite?!

Carley and Lily hanging out - she is such a Mom - see how she holds it on her hip like Mom does with Reagan.

Kyra and Katachellie hanging out.

Gavin and TC. See, just a LITTLE scruffy.

Aunt Sharon helping the kids pick out a heart for their animals after being stuffed.

Kyra is pushing the foot pedal to fill her horse with stuffing.

Gavin is stuffing his dog.Picking out a "sound" for their pets. Gavin got a dog, I can't remember what Kyra's is at the moment and Carley got giggling - I love that one! Now they can squeeze their pets pay/hoof and they make a noise (because, doesn't everything have to make a noise anymore?!)

Waiting in line to stuff their pets.

Such decisions...which animal to choose?! (Sorry, all of the pictures for this are in reverse order).

Kyra at Lacy's shower - that's another blog...stay tuned.

A double rainbow after a storm went through.

Grandma took us to Oxbow Park Zoo. Carley and her horns - I always knew there was a bit of devil in her.

Kyra - even bigger horns.

Gavin, enjoyed being the same size as this horn.


Hello Daddy Buffalo.

Running to see the Buffalo.

Peek - Momma and two fawns.Kyra feeding the deer.Carley, Grandma, Reagan, Kyra, Gavin. Carley, Grandma, Reagan, Kyra, Gavin, Aunt Sharon.

Grandma giving Carley, Kyra and Gavin a swing ride.

Gavin checking out the old farm machinery. Kyra feeding the goats.

Carley petting the goats.

The kids walked up to a turkey and when they were about a foot from it, it "talked" to them. they all jumped about 5 feet!

Kyra checking out the animals.

Her old man face.

Now that's a nest (Eagle's nest).

Our picnic before the zoo.

Uncle Mike and Reagan hanging out.

This is about as close as you get to having twins without actually having twins...Aren't they cute!