Thursday, June 24, 2010

Randon Pictures

Last week we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house because we were supposed to have severe weather. Ended up having tornado warnings (and found out the next day SE MN had 18+ tornadoes - 2 were F4's) luckily we did not have any damage but 1/2 a mile south of us is where trees and buildings started to be affected. So, when you are in the basement for 3 hours with 4 kids, what do you do?! Paint...
And finally...fall asleep... I think she might be ready to potty train!? :-) Just kidding - just my wishful thinking!
Kyra decided to do some spray painting the other day when she found a can in the garage. So as you can see her foot had a permanent flip flop on it for a few days, her finger nail polish of choice was black spray paint and if you look really closely you can see that she also had black highlights put into her hair. Mom and Dad were not happy.
Last Monday I did the laundry and by 4:30 every single last piece of dirty clothing was washed or at least in the washing machine. By 10:00 Monday night somehow I had ended up with this...two more than full dirty clothes baskets...I would just like one person to be able to explain to me how that is even possible?! Laundry is my enemy!!! Gavin and Kyra have started t-ball and baseball on Monday nights for the summer. Gavin is enjoying his baseball team and not having to use a stand to hit off of.

Kyra rounding third base.
Some batting practice for Kyra.
Kyra making friends wherever she goes - she is such a girl.

One of Reagan's favorite things to do right now is to sit in my tupperware lid drawer. Whatever makes her happy!
Her other favorite spot is on a stool beside the computer and yes she can make things happen on the screen by the click of a mouse button. :-)

Once again one afternoon Carley had been playing upstairs REALLY quietly for a long time, so decided to go check on her and this is what I found....

The girl loves books, so much so that she had to pull half of them off of the shelf and I assume look at a few and then promptly fall asleep on a bed of books!?

Kyra displaying her beautiful WEED that she found outside. :-)

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