Monday, June 14, 2010

Nana & Papa Visit

Nana and Papa made the long trip to spend over five days with us! We had a great time celebrating Reagan's birthday and Gavin's graduation from Kindergarten. Gavin is weeding Grandpa's field?!

Jed was very proud of his masterpiece when he was done washing dishes - I was very proud of him for washing dishes - thank you dear!

Gavin...a glimpse into the future! Gavin's track and field team did "grunge" style for their dress up of choice. So, Gavin went in clothes that were as grunge as I could do but he came home with facial hair. Go figure!

Kyra very well might kill this kitten by smothering it with love.

Nana and Papa playing cards with the grandkids.

Gavin had a huge week and it finally caught up with him - last week of school, graduation, Twin's baseball game, Reagan's birthday party, Nana and Papa visiting, sleeping in the camper for 4 nights, Jed's family work picnic...yikes, I am tired just writing all of that.

Everyone spent hours sorting cards and game pieces (since Carley loves to "mix and match" all of our games).
Reading a book - Reagan LOVES books.

Nana, Kyra and Reagan reading.

The kids were trying to feed Papa their suckers!

Kyra and Papa intently playing Battle Ship.

More Battle Ship.

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