Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week in Review

So our cat population is growing by the day. I went out to put stuff in the mailbox this morning and on my way back noticed that Panda (the black one) had a new friend. Great, just great... Kyra was enjoying a piece of cake that we made for Gavin's teacher for her birthday. Unfortunately, Kyra is not a big fan of frosting, just the cake. So she turned it upside down and proceeded to eat - without a fork I might add. I will try to add a video of this later but lately I have not been having luck with videos on the blog.

We went to the lake for a baby shower and and a day of fun in the sun. Kyra enjoying the water.

Carley - aka fish.



Not sure what happened to the pictures of Gavin? Kyra again.


Kyra is our crafty child. She has her very own craft time daily - without any help from Mom or Dad. She gets the supplies she needs and comes up with the ideas on her own - the latest was a mask. Not bad considering she did it all by herself, including the paper strap to keep it on her face.


Reagan decided it was just too much to sit up and drink from her cup, so she made use of the huge stuffed horse that we have.

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