Monday, February 27, 2012


I am officially caught up on my blogging - I will try to keep up with it from now on!

The three older kids all signed up for basketball this year.  This was Carley's first year and she wanted nothing to do with it when we were getting them signed up.  She ended up in tears because her Dad made her sign up to try it out for one year.  Well, she LOVED every single second of it.  She was so glad that she got to play!  It is amazing what a difference Gavin's age group has made in just a year.  They are actually playing basketball - guarding, jump shots, lay-ups, nice assists.  It was fun to watch!

Reagan had to be a part of the fun now and then too with a stray ball.


We went to the water park in Owatonna again this winter.  The kids (little and big) enjoyed it once again!  Reagan insisted on wearing the life jacket and swimming by herself - no help needed.  She would paddle herself around the pool and if you got in her way she would yell, "watch out, watch out."  No fear.  All of the kids also went down the water slides (including Reagan).  Kyra who would not even go on it with an adult last year went down it one time with me and then was on her own the rest of the night!  Uncle Britton was even home that night so he got to go enjoy it with us.

Kyra Turned 6!!!

Kyra turned 6 at the end of January.  She requested her favorite for supper - spaghetti and brownies, doesn't get much better for this girl! 

Uncle Bryon and Aunt Jacque gave Kyra a birthday gift of going horseback riding and out for ice cream.  She had such a great time and a month later still talks about her adventure almost daily.
Feeding the horse a treat - a peppermint.

Misc. - January & February

 Reagan and Kyra were dressing Declan up.  Kyra loved this "old lady" look that he had going on.  He didn't seem to mind at all either.
 Kyra snuggling with Declan after she got home from school.

 During Spirit Week the kids had a miss-matched day - I think they did pretty good!  Yikes!
Kyra's class celebrated 100 days of school by trying to dress up as 100 year old men and women.  This was the best we could do but she was so darn cute.
Carley, Josie and Kyra dressed up before going out for supper with the Rose and Holland famlies.  Too cute!

Kyra was worn out at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Beautiful sunrise.  Sad that I am up at that time to catch these pictures!
Carley and Reagan made a fort under the table and wanted Declan to join them.  They all had fun!
The kids pig piling with Jason!
Reagan decided to lotion her hair.  Oh yeah and this wasn't the first time.
The kids had their friends, John and Josie, come over for a sleepover last weekend.  These 6 kids have so much fun every time they are together.  I love that they are all friends and pick up right where they left of the last time!

Friday, February 24, 2012


The kids had fun carving pumpkins with Grandma and Grandpa.  They all came up with their own designs this year!

Reagan had Mrs. Potato Head.

 Gavin had the Vikings.

 Kyra had a two sided one - one side with Cinderella's slipper and the other side was a flower.

 Carley had a kitty.

 Reagan dressed up as the Devil - fairly fitting some days!  :-)
 Gavin has been the elephant before but he wanted to be it once more and this would be the last year it was going to fit!
 Kyra chose to be a princess.
 Carley was a silly caterpillar.
It was a wonderful night once again this year to trick-or-treat.  Many people with just a sweatshirt on.  Love those mild October nights!