Friday, February 24, 2012

Random - October

 Kyra is such a creative child.  She is ALWAYS crafting.  Their first unit that they studied in school this fall was mice.  She came home one day and made this mouse face all by herself.  I love the whiskers!
 This was the second mouse she made - equally as cute but stepped up the difficulty level.  She used a tp role, rolled paper up for the legs and attached them with tape, drew a face, made a tail and cute little ears.  Again, come up and executed all on her own.
 We had our annual pumpkin/goard harvest again.  Unlike previous years it was fairly warm and not wet!  Yeah!  Carley found her first picking.
 Kyra likes this one for carving!

 Gavin enjoyed cutting the vines.

Reagan, helping cut her pumpkin off the vine!
She picked out her clothes for the day.  She was so proud!
We have some AMAZING sunsets and sunrises in our new home - okay, we probably had them in our old home too but since we have lots of big windows now we can enjoy them - and enjoy them we do!
Kids watching Uncle Brandon combine right by our house - dinner and a show!  :-)
Another sunset.
Nana and Papa came for a visit in October to see the new house and bring Jed all of his "stuff" from when he was younger that he hand't moved out of their house yet.  We had a very nice, relaxing weekend with them and of course the kids weren't spoiled at all!!! ;-)
One of my favorites.
Nana and Reagan reading a book together.
Jed had a hat collection when he was younger.  The kids were trying to see who could build the tallest stack of hats on their heds.  Kyra may have won!
Reagan in her first tractor ride.  She LOVED it.

 Kyra's class had a Harvest Party and they all had to dress as scarecrows.  I may be biased but I think she is a pretty darn cute little scarecrow.

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