Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christmas with the Wolf Family

 Gavin got a new bike, Kyra got a scooter and Carley got roller skates - so Grandma and Grandpa's basement turned into a "wheel of fun".  Okay, that was weak!  Notice - it isn't Gavin riding his bike - it's Grandpa!  :-)

Gavin got a helicopter for a gift - which has been HOURS and HOURS of fun but in the very first hour after receiving it, it ended up in Carley's hair.  Lacy and Jed spent some time unwinding it and trying to leave as much hair on Carley's head as possible.  Britton said it best, "it's just the little things in life."  :-)
Kyra lost her very first tooth on New Year's Day!  Since I am so slow on blogging lately she also just lost her second one last Saturday.  Unlike Gavin, who took a year for his teeth to come in, her big teeth have pushed her little ones right now so she isn't going to have much of a gap for long!
Reagan helping Grandpa pull Bingo numbers.

Gavin got a new BIG bike from Grandma and Grandpa.  He is loving it!

Gavin opened his gift from Britton and Lacy and found this Packer's sign front and center.  He didn't even want to open the rest of it (his little rival with Aunt Lacy).  But they convinced him to keep going and he ended up with a Vikings jacket.  He was much happier with the outcome than the way it started out!  :-)

Grandpa and Reagan having fun with a balloon.

Flying the helicopter.

Tea time with Uncle Brandon.  Ahhh....


Melissa Pope said...

Looks like a FUN Christmas! Love the pictures-its great to see how everyone is doing-and how big all the kids are growing!....random question--does your Mom have a plant that was from one of Grandma's hibiscus plants? I had one, but mine died :-( and I dont think Grandma has her's anymore either-so your Mom might have the last remaining hibiscus from that old plant!

dewitzclan said...

Yes, Mom has one of the plants off of Grandmas and it is doing wonderful. Sure she wouldn't mind sharing! She has to trim it back all the time because it gets unruly!