Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Ohio

We made a trip to Ohio just before school started this past September.  It was a crazy time of finishing up house projects, getting ready for closing and getting the kids set to go to school the day after we returned from Ohio, but we wanted to help Grandma celebrate her 80th birthday party with a SURPRISE party!  She was very surprised.  We had fun visiting all of the relatives for a few days as well.
We spent a couple of quiet days (some of the VERY few quiet days of our whole summer) at my cousin, Melissa's house.  We hadn't been there before so we wanted to see the house, spend some time catching up and let the kids play together some place other than a wedding (which is usually the case for our gatherings).  Reagan was enjoying a smore.  Licking it clean!
In their pj's enjoying smores - life doesn't get any better!
All of the kids felt the need to wrestle Brad - he was a good sport!
My pictures are in no order on this posting.  Here the kids are enjoying the picnic at the surprise party.
It was about 100 degrees each of the days we were in Ohio so all the kids spent a lot of time in some form of water activity.

Is this not the cutest little face?!  Kyle wanting to get into the pool with the "big" kids.
Carley shaking her hips - she could really do this!
Seth (aka cowboy).  I really wanted to put the other picture up - it was a full view of him with his cowboy attire - which included the cowboy hat you see and a pair of underwear.  It was priceless (just wasn't sure his Mom and Dad would appreciate me posting the picture)!  :-)
Here is what it looks like to prepare to feed 7 kids!  Yikes!  They are all so great though, they all got along so well, had sooo much fun together and my kids are still talking about our time there.
Picnics outside every day proved to be the way to go with 7 - no clean up!
The water ball - they loved this activity and no one got hurt - imagine that!
This is how Jed and I survived in the car.  When you have children to tend to get carsick in the car you will make that car as cold as possible for as long as you can possibly stand it.  We were literally in pants and sweatshirts and still wrapping up in blankets - but the kids were comfy and no sickness - well worth being cold!
Ah...the joys of an overnight trip - 4 sleeping kids for 12 hours!
More water ball!
More of that adorable Kyle face!
And yet more water ball!
Reagan cooling off in the water.
Does he not look like the most determined child - you so know what he is going to do with that hose.  Of course he is, he took that thing and started running towards all the kids.  Before it was all said and done he may or may not have also gotten four grown adults wet as well!  :-)
Grandma's great grandchildren (minus Declan - I think that was all that was missing?!)
Grandma's family.

Happy 80th Birthday!

Kyra with Great Grandma.
Love that smile!
This is too cute - Jason on a loader - and what else would a 2 year old be moving other than a Busch beer box?!  Of course!
 Grandma and all of her kids.
 The whole crew minus Bryon, Jacque, Declan, Britton and Lacy.  Not too bad for that large of a group!  Maybe we can photo shop them in!
Reagan blowing bubbles.
Grandma and all of her grand kids and spouses (minus B & J and B & L)
Our family with Grandma.

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Melissa Pope said...

LOVE the update! My kids are still talking about "remember when Gavin, Kyra, Carley and Reagan were here.." We had SO much fun too! And the picture of Seth would have been ok w/ me--you should see some that will be making their way to my blog! LOL! I noticed Kyle's bruise on his forehead---forgot about that one....oh and Kyle was missing from the Great-Grandkid picture--he was napping...and now REBECCA is missing too! (Well, unless you count Stacy's belly!?!?! haha)
LOVE the post!