Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Couple of Funnies for the Day...

Gavin and Kyra have had me laughing a couple of times this weekend.  Thought I would share!

I was standing at the sink, Kyra was in the living room, the tv was on.  I didn't see it but I could hear that it was an ad for Extreme Makeover that was on last night (a personal trainer helping a woman loose over 160 in a year).  Kyra comes to me, "Mom, do I HAVE to be able to pull a plane to be healthy?"  Not having seen the ad, I had no idea what she was talking about.  "What do you mean?"  "I want to be healthy, but I don't think I can pull a plane.  But on the show they were pulling a plane to get healthy."  Sure enough, I saw the ad again last night and they were pulling a plane for one of their exercises.  Poor girl, thinks she has to be able to move mountains (or at least planes) to be healthy.  :-)

Last night I was cutting Gavin's hair.  We were going back and forth debating on whether to use the longer clipper head or the shorter one.  Jed said, "Remeber Gavin, bald is beautiful."  As serious as Gavin can be he replied, "I wonder if my wife will be bald."  Oh, I cried I laughed so hard.  Of course he couldn't figure out why that was so funny.  He was serious.  He was torn - he wants a beautiful wife but he doesn't really want her to be bald.  :-)  I love how their minds work!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reagan is 2!!!

Two years ago today at 8:18am Reagan Elizabeth was born.
She weighed 7 lb. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long.

Reagan is two years old today!!!

Where does the time go?!  I thought I would share some words/phrases that help describe our baby so that you can get an idea of who she is and what she likes/doesn’t like.

·         She is so funny
·         She likes to use her loud voice to get our attention
·         She is very determined
·         She still loves to cuddle
·         She loves her blanky and no other will do
·         She plays with her baby doll almost every waking minute of the day
·         She does not require as much sleep as the rest of her family does
·         She does not like to have her picture taken professionally
·         She does not like big, loud machinery (which we have a lot of at our house right now)
·         She is sleeping in a toddler bed and we are officially crib free in our house (after 8 years)
·         She loves being outside
·         She is a girl – loves picking out her own clothes, loves to play with shoes and likes to have her nails done
·         She is finally growing hair and she has curls – Mommy LOVES this
·         She looks just like Carley did at this age
·         She is petite, especially when next to her cousin Jason
·         She loves to torment our cat
·         She likes to get up no less than 5 times a night before she finally gives in to sleep
·         She does not typically take a nap anymore
·         She loves the grocery store and knows just where they hide their suckers
·         She is independent – wants to buckle her own carseat, walk wherever she goes, get dressed/undressed by herself
·         She loves buckles of any kind
·         She is enjoying reading more now and will actually sit through a story, but you better read fast because she is in charge of turning the pages and she is a quick one!
·         She needs to sit touching you at the supper table
·         She loves pizza and yogurt and cottage cheese but her favorite food is ice cream, hands down
·         She does not talk much, she doesn’t have to, her brother and sisters do the talking for her, but if they are all gone, she has NO problem chatting a mile a minute
·         She loves to spot cows while we are in the car and say “Moooooooooooooooo” which lasts for about 30 seconds, that’s a long moo
·         She does not like being dirty in  any way shape or form
·         If she doesn’t like the shoes you pick for her there is no getting her to wear them, might as well save yourself the time and effort and just pick out a pair she likes
·         She is a Daddy’s girl when Daddy gets up with her in the morning, otherwise she is a Momma’s girl the whole way

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have a Partial Basement

The house has been a little slower going than we would like due to a very rainy spring.  But the road restrictions finally came off a week and a half ago and the builder and excavator were able to get their heavy equipment in here and dug the basement.  We have at least two pumps in it at all times just trying to keep up with the water accumulation in there from all of the rain we seem to have at least every other day.  The footings were poured two days ago.  They were supposed to pour the basement walls tomorrow and Friday but we will see if that gets pushed back a bit as it is raining again today and the excavator has not been able to finish putting the rock fill in to finish off the bottom layer of the house.  If all goes well though, I will be able to post pictures of basement walls this weekend and they are supposed to start on the trusses and floor on Monday/Tuesday.

First dig!!
  First week of pictures.

 As you can see jut a tad wet.
 Walking in the tire tracks that go up past her knees. 

 Second week of pictures.

This is what happens when you let your kids climb on the hills and the bottom of one hill has a mud pit that just happens to look like the rest of the hill...until you step on/in it.  Kyra was not happy or amused.  Me on the other hand, was crying I was laughing so hard...until I had to get her into the house and cleaned off.  We stuck her in the tub and gave her a shower with her clothes on then another one with her clothes off. 

 Our biggest concern in digging a house on our property was what they would find once they started digging.  Since we knew there were multiple buildings buried here (not to mention all the things we didn't know) we figured we would run into trouble.  The excavator has found a couple of pockets of buried junk and brush and a couple of partial foundations, but nothing that has given him too much trouble.  Yeah!!!

 Footings being framed in.
 Jed's rather large garage (it is bigger than our house we live in now). 
 Pouring the footings. 

 The builder left a smily face for the kids to see when they got home.

 Jed ventured on top of our current house roof to get some pics of the activity around our yard.

The kids meeting their Cousin

My brother, Bryon and his wife Jacque had their baby boy on May 15th.  He had a bit of a rough start so the kids were not able to go to the hospital and see him.  But, he is doing better now and came home on Saturday night.  They made a stop at our house and let me tell you, Declan will NEVER go without attention at our house!  The kids loved him.  If only we could get Carley to remember his name now.  Before he was born we all called him Thurlow (a family name that Jed ran across when he was doing his genealogy stuff).  So, making the transition from Thurlow to Declan has been a little tough on everyone, but especially Carley, she cannot remember that poor kids name.  The other day I was in the laundry room and she came in to tell me something about "the baby" and she said, "You know the thingamabobber".  Instead of "you know, Declan."  Oh, she had her Dad and me both laughing at that one.

 Watching him leave at the end of the night.  Kyra was in the car making sure he got strapped in right.

Having Fun

Reagan doing her baby's hair.

 Reagan is 100% all about her baby.  It goes EVERYWHERE with us and because it is such an active baby it needs to be "stolen" at least once a week for a good washing.  The other day I had Declan here (my brother Bryon and Jacque's new little one) and I was literally fighting with Reagan so that I could use the bouncy seat for Declan instead of her baby.
 And then later in the day she ended up falling asleep in it.
 Carley hanging out at the construction site.
 Kyra thought these were pretty big nails.  I would have to agree!
Holding baby Declan.  She actually held him long enough and was still enough that she put him right to sleep.
 Carley doesn't hold him for near the length of time that Kyra can but she enjoys her couple of minutes of snuggle time.
 No fear - she would walk right off the ledge if we let her.
Trying to walk in Mommy's shoes!
 Lost the battle one afternoon and fell asleep on the chair.  Love the pink cheeks.
 Puzzle time.
 Carley was using stickers to make funny faces.  :-)
 Painting our toes and nails.

Yeah, they look nothing alike?! :-)

Checking out the building action in the back yard.

Gavin continues to get more and more creative with his Lego nuildin - he made this eagle without any instructions - designed and built on his own.