Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Couple of Funnies for the Day...

Gavin and Kyra have had me laughing a couple of times this weekend.  Thought I would share!

I was standing at the sink, Kyra was in the living room, the tv was on.  I didn't see it but I could hear that it was an ad for Extreme Makeover that was on last night (a personal trainer helping a woman loose over 160 in a year).  Kyra comes to me, "Mom, do I HAVE to be able to pull a plane to be healthy?"  Not having seen the ad, I had no idea what she was talking about.  "What do you mean?"  "I want to be healthy, but I don't think I can pull a plane.  But on the show they were pulling a plane to get healthy."  Sure enough, I saw the ad again last night and they were pulling a plane for one of their exercises.  Poor girl, thinks she has to be able to move mountains (or at least planes) to be healthy.  :-)

Last night I was cutting Gavin's hair.  We were going back and forth debating on whether to use the longer clipper head or the shorter one.  Jed said, "Remeber Gavin, bald is beautiful."  As serious as Gavin can be he replied, "I wonder if my wife will be bald."  Oh, I cried I laughed so hard.  Of course he couldn't figure out why that was so funny.  He was serious.  He was torn - he wants a beautiful wife but he doesn't really want her to be bald.  :-)  I love how their minds work!

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