Thursday, August 18, 2011

House Update

Wow!  It's been a busy couple of months.  People have been asking for more house picture updates, so here you go!  We are getting close.  Still on track to be finished by September 1st.  This week our tile was finished, our cabinets/countertops installed, window trim in, light fixtures installed, fireplace started, and doors are starting to go in.  Next week they will continue with the master shower (tile), fireplace brick, finishing touches on cabinets and grouting backsplash, along with final electrical and plumbing.  The week after will be final details and carpet and then we are done!!!  Enjoy the pictures.
Siding going on.

I LOVE my porch.  It's almost complete - just missing some of the railing on the right.  Jed LOVES his garage!!!  We now have the cement poured in front of the garage too and the kids LOVE that for riding bike!!!

For the past two weeks Jed and I have been busy staining and varnishing 14 doors and their frames.  We will finish this project tonight!!!  I never want to stain or varnish another piece of wood in my life!
Our cabinets and countertops are in.  I love them!  We got our appliances this week too - sorry, no pics yet.
Thankfully almost my whole family was able to help out one weekend to paint.  We painted all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  Made three trips for more paint and ended up putting on 74 gallons of primer and paint.  Yikes!  Thanks for all the help family.  :-)
Fireplace mantle.  We now have a hearth too and the brick is starting to go up.
Another kitchen view.

All of our cubbies - I call them decorative areas, Jed calls them sh*t collectors.
Main bath vanity.
Master bath vanity.
Master bath shower - we now have a tiled floor and he is in the process of working on the tile walls.  Can't wait to see this completed!

Master bedroom.
Girls' bedroom.  My Mom and Jed think I am crazy to do these two colors, but trust will get better!  Once the furniture is in, the boarder up and the curtains up it will be adorable and the girls are so excited.  They tell anyone who will listen to them that they are getting a new bedroom and it is hot pink and hot orange colored.  :-)
Gavin's blue room.  He wants to decorate with Minnesota Twins.  This room may not make quite the statement that the girls' room does, but it's going to be neat for him and he cannot wait to have his own room that we do not all walk through and leave our coats and shoes in.
Stairs to basement.
More kitchen.
Reagan having fun in the sink hole.
Main area tile.