Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reagan - 1 Year Old

Reagan Elizabeth

Born May 26, 2009 at 8:18AM

7 lb. 3 oz. and 20 in. long

Reagan is one year old today!

Happy Birthday baby girl.

We love you - Daddy, Mommy, Gavin, Kyra & Carley

Our first look at her - January 2009!

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Happy Birthday Reagan - 1 Year Old!!!

Reagan is "talking" up a storm, can give her brother a run for his money in the screaming at the top of your lungs contest, just got her 4th tooth this week and took her first steps on Monday!!!

Update Time...

Not much new here but haven't posted in a while so figured I better add some pictures for Nana and Papa and everyone else who keeps checking in! Reagan snuggling with Daddy. She DOES NOT like the warm weather (hasn't since the day she was born) so she was lounging in her diaper yesterday!

She can stand on her own now!

On Sunday Jed was cleaning the garage and up wanders a calico kitten/cat (seems small for a full grown cat). Well, needless to say Gavin fell in love on the spot with her. She seemed to want to lay in this corner of the garage and Gavin wanted to be by her so even though it was 90 degrees and humid, he spent the whole afternoon in the garage, in the tub with the cat sleeping on him. He named her Panda and got a bed all ready for her that night, gave her a ball to play with, some water and some dog food (we didn't have any cat food). The next morning he got up at 6:30, ran outside and I could here him through our bedroom window, "She stayed!" Jed had given him that talk that she probably won't be here in the morning, she just came to visit and see if she could find some food, etc. Well 3 days later and she has not left our garage or breezeway area. She is so darn cute and the best little cat - she sleeps all day, doesn't make a mess, and doesn't have to be rubbing up against you all the time or try to beat you into the house when the door opens. Gavin spends every minute that he is home with her and when he is at school he gives the girls instructions on how to care for her and SPOIL her. Ruby on the other had has not stopped barking or clawing on the breezeway door since Sunday afternoon...

Gavin's class had a Donouts for Dad's breakfast morning last Friday since they will not be in school for Father's Day. He made Jed a tie, sang songs, wrote a facts sheet about him (Jed was disappointed that Gavin got his age right since when it was the Mom's turn at Mother's Day he said I was 22). :-)

The tie! Flower, butterfly, pumpkin and strawberry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's! Hope it was a great day.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Reagan - 11 Months

Reagan turned 11 months old on the 26th! She still shows absolutely no interest in walking, she got her 3rd tooth last week, she learned how to scream from her brother (and boy can she scream) and thinks it is hilarious, she has become very clingy with Mom which makes it hard to get anything done and she visited the dermatologist last week to check on her "bruise" that she has had for 7 months (ever since Carley tipped her over in the stroller) - well turns out it isn't a bruise at all but a birthmark that just happened to show up at just about the same time that the fall happened (it will eventually fade and go away but will take some time). So, she is doing great...other than not wanting to cooperate with her 11 mo. pictures!

Catching Up...

Even though the "Terrible 3's" are starting to set it, she can still be angelic at times... Carley was outside playing and as I walked by the kitchen window several times, I noticed she wasn't playing anymore, she was just sitting in one spot. After about five minutes, I just stopped and watched her at the window, wondering what the heck she was doing sitting there for so long. Then I saw it...the sway - yup, she feel asleep, outside, sitting up. I went out to "rescue" her and she woke up crying and I asked her what she was doing. "I'm waiting for Daddy to finish planting the garden." Ahhh..the dedication to her Dad. Even though it was blowing 30 mile and hour she sat there and waiting...and slept.
Gavin learned about May Day and May Baskets at school. So at 6:00AM on Saturday morning Jed and I heard a knock on our door and found this "May Basket (Box)" at our doorstep.

Carley was going potty and multi-tasking at the same time - go potty, apply makeup...the end result - well, we will keep working on the application. But she was proud.

My violet that I have had for about 5 years FINALLY got it's first flower and then another one showed up right after that!
Kyra is our crafty child at the moment - she is coloring, cutting, gluing, stickering or stapling almost every minute of every waking day. She created this "person" all by herself - including the hair which was made out of leaves which was a neat idea, had they not come off of my house plant. :-(
She also made a purse for herself, this idea came to her all on her own and she did ALL of it, including the strap, by herself. Her Dad was pretty proud!

(Don't mind the bed head).

Her outfits keep getting more and more outrageous!

And if falling asleep outside wasn't odd enough...Carley was playing upstairs last week and I was folding clothes downstairs. After not hearing her or seeing her in about 20 minutes (usually even if she doesn't come down you can hear thumping or something upstairs) I decided it might be time to check on her. I found her laying on the playroom floor amongst toys and books, sound asleep.

Our tulips are in full bloom and Carley CANNOT resist picking every single last one of them (no matter how many times Mom and Dad tell her not to touch them). They are pretty though, these are my favorite - pink and peach!

The girls had a fun MESSY day outside last week. The weather was beautiful and they enjoyed being out all day long - obviously it quickly turned into bath day.

And one more...Carley was supposed to be sleeping, which she is in the picture, but I am assuming by her surroundings that she DID NOT go to sleep right away like she was supposed to?!