Monday, May 3, 2010

Reagan - 11 Months

Reagan turned 11 months old on the 26th! She still shows absolutely no interest in walking, she got her 3rd tooth last week, she learned how to scream from her brother (and boy can she scream) and thinks it is hilarious, she has become very clingy with Mom which makes it hard to get anything done and she visited the dermatologist last week to check on her "bruise" that she has had for 7 months (ever since Carley tipped her over in the stroller) - well turns out it isn't a bruise at all but a birthmark that just happened to show up at just about the same time that the fall happened (it will eventually fade and go away but will take some time). So, she is doing great...other than not wanting to cooperate with her 11 mo. pictures!

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