Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couture Fashion

Okay, so we aren't quite at the Couture Fashion level yet, but here is what you get when you let a 3 year old dress herself.


When your son tells you, "Mom, you stay in that room while I go in here and draw you a picture" you might want to sneak around the corner and check it out - just to make sure there is actually paper involved in the drawing/pcture instead of a wall. :-( On the plus side, he wrote his name really well. Gavin was so proud of his picture he had drawn for me...on his BEDROOM WALL.

This is a hand turkey drawing...yup, I taught him that (on paper of course).

And his name, he gets better at it each time he writes it, whether on paper or on the wall...kids!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naked Baby Syndrome

We are having an issue at our house stemming from our potty training. Carley is actually doing really well (better than her sister anyway) in the potty training department but since we have been working on that and the clothes/diaper come of more often she now thinks that we are giving her the okay to be naked 24/7 - literally I am putting her diaper and clothes back on her 15 times a day (not counting the actual going potty times). The other day, Jed went up to check on her during her nap and found this.

Yes, she is completey naked for her nap - her decision. That was funny and cute but this was not...when she woke up a while later she was crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. Jed went up to get her, came down with a naked baby holding her out at arms length and said, "I'll take care of the kid, you take care of the bedding." She had pooped in one corner of her crib and was "cowering" in the other corner as far away from the "evidence" as she could get screaming her head off until someone came to rescue her. Okay, even though I had to clean the mess up, that is a little funny. :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

January 31st - Spring Weather

We have a beautiful weather day here on Saturday - mid 40's, and we all got spring fever! Spent time outside building a snowman, playing with the dog, trying to ride bike (that didn't work very well) and playing on the snow hill Uncle Brandon made for us this winter.
This cannot end good.

Okay, not so bad - everyone is still in one piece.

Since it worked for Gavin, Kyra got up the nerve to try it herself - again, everyone in one piece.

Kyra and Daddy headed down - hold on!

Gavin took Carley down a few times, then she was ready to go on her own.

Carley even decided to keep on going after she tipped over part way down one time and landed right on her cheek/chin - I cringed, she yelled and got right back up on that hill.

Ruby, having a ball with a ball - okay lame, I know. :-)

Gavin trying his version of snowboarding.

And his version of falling off his snowboard. We told him he just needed to practice, after 5 minutes he told me he didn't need practice because it was just making him worse. What do Mom's know?

Kyra and Jed building her snowman.

"The Mountain"

Have you ever wondered what happens when you do not have the use of your washing machine for a week and a half? Well, I could tell you but maybe it will just be easier to show you.

Compliments of our washing machine drain pipe freezing last week in the cold weather - there are still about 4 more loads left that aren't shown here - but you get the idea.