Monday, February 2, 2009

January 31st - Spring Weather

We have a beautiful weather day here on Saturday - mid 40's, and we all got spring fever! Spent time outside building a snowman, playing with the dog, trying to ride bike (that didn't work very well) and playing on the snow hill Uncle Brandon made for us this winter.
This cannot end good.

Okay, not so bad - everyone is still in one piece.

Since it worked for Gavin, Kyra got up the nerve to try it herself - again, everyone in one piece.

Kyra and Daddy headed down - hold on!

Gavin took Carley down a few times, then she was ready to go on her own.

Carley even decided to keep on going after she tipped over part way down one time and landed right on her cheek/chin - I cringed, she yelled and got right back up on that hill.

Ruby, having a ball with a ball - okay lame, I know. :-)

Gavin trying his version of snowboarding.

And his version of falling off his snowboard. We told him he just needed to practice, after 5 minutes he told me he didn't need practice because it was just making him worse. What do Mom's know?

Kyra and Jed building her snowman.

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Troy said...

I want to see Jed snowboarding !!