Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Naked Baby Syndrome

We are having an issue at our house stemming from our potty training. Carley is actually doing really well (better than her sister anyway) in the potty training department but since we have been working on that and the clothes/diaper come of more often she now thinks that we are giving her the okay to be naked 24/7 - literally I am putting her diaper and clothes back on her 15 times a day (not counting the actual going potty times). The other day, Jed went up to check on her during her nap and found this.

Yes, she is completey naked for her nap - her decision. That was funny and cute but this was not...when she woke up a while later she was crying and screaming at the top of her lungs. Jed went up to get her, came down with a naked baby holding her out at arms length and said, "I'll take care of the kid, you take care of the bedding." She had pooped in one corner of her crib and was "cowering" in the other corner as far away from the "evidence" as she could get screaming her head off until someone came to rescue her. Okay, even though I had to clean the mess up, that is a little funny. :-)


Laurel said...

WOW!!!!! She MUST be related to Brittin - we are going through the exact same phase. Well, not exactly... being a boy, he's not interested in potty training in the least. Just in being completely naked. You just may be diaper-free before that baby!! Yay!!

Kelly said...

I used to have to safety pin Kiara's pajamas on her. Good luck with this phase!!!