Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hooker Store

So there is a liquor store on the corner street by my Grandma's house that has a huge horse on top of it. I didn't actually know what the store was so here is how this conversation went with Jed and Gavin and myself:

Me: What is that store anyway?
Jed: It's a liquor store.
Gavin: A hooker store?
Jed: Ah...a place where they sell beer.
Gavin: Oh.

Silence for a few seconds. And then we had to know...

Jed: Gavin, what is a hooker store?
Gavin: A store where they sell things to hook up to that horse to pull stuff.

Now that we know where Gavin's thought process was at, where was yours????

Visiting the Family

Spent Sunday at my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike's house with all the relatives from my Mom's side of the family. It was a house full we had 14 kids (ALL 6 and under) and 24 adults! Thanks Sharon and Mike! (I apologize Sharon, I was feeding Reagan when you were swimming with the kids so didn't have my camera - hopefully someone else can share their pics with us to capture some of those memories!). Everyone gathered around to celebrate Cameron's 2nd birthday!
Uncle Mike and Carley having a heart to heart while cooling their feet!

All the kids minus Kyra and the three little ones - Emery, Jason and Reagan.

Great Grandpa Miller and Reagan.
Great Aunt Holly and Reagan.

Great Grandma Bonnie and Reagan - she got to meet lots of relatives since this was her first trip to Ohio!

Gavin hanging out with cousin Aaron and Meghan.

Great Grandma Miller and Reagan.

Uncle Mike, Reese and Kyra motor boating around the pool.

Uncle Mike and Kyra enjoying an air ride (at least Kyra was enjoying, Mike was working)

Uncle Mike and Kyra again.
Gavin swimming with his life jacket - he is getting more and more comfortable with the water each time he is in it! In another 20 years he might put his head in. :-)
Carley and Daddy swimming.
Kyra and Daddy catching some rays.
Gavin taking a break from learning his strokes.
Carley & Uncle Mike.

Amanda & Mitch's Wedding

Kyra was asked to be in my cousin Amanda and Mitch's wedding. Of course she couldn't pass up the opportunity to get dressed up in a pretty "dancing dress" as she called it and of course be a part of such a special day.

Kyra and the ring bearer, Dominic, practicing walking up the isle - there were no smiles to be had during rehearsal. :-)
The girls toasting before the wedding - Kyra didn't have a clue what this was all about but she enjoyed being included in on it with the big girls.
Pretty flower girl!
Cousin Emily and Cousin Melissa with Kyra waiting for the ceremony to start.
Great Grandma Wolf and Reagan snuggling.

Family picture time.

Video of Kyra finishing up her "job":

Dominic, the ring bearer, and Kyra making their grand entrance. They both did great!
Mitch taking the garter off of Amanda and Kyra in the background wondering what the heck that guy is doing under the brides dress. I didn't get the picture with his head under the dress and Kyra bending over trying to see what he was doing - I almost cried I laughed so hard. She is just curious as to how all this wedding tradition "stuff" works.

The boys lining up for the garter toss. Gavin had no clue what this was all about except that the little guys got candy after it was over, so he was out there biding his time.

Tracy trying to convince Kyra to dance with him - she was playing hard to get. :-)
Kyra and Dominic being introduced at the reception.
After being introduced they ended up on the dance floor and Kyra would not let go of his hand - she kept him out there as a dance partner (whether he wanted to or not)!
Amanda & Mitch being announced at the reception. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mack.
Gavin and Bryon dancing.
Jacque and Carley dancing.
Daddy and Kyra dancing (Kyra on his feet). Ahhh.... He is her hero.
Aunt Jacque, Uncle Bryon, Gavin and Carley "group dance".

Gavin asked Aunt Stacy to dance. :-)
We left for Ohio at 6:30pm on Wed. night and drove through the night so the kids could sleep and we could have peace and quiet for the long drive. I thought if we could do it in 15 hours that would be great - we did it in 10 1/2!!! The kids were ALL sooo good, we even had to wake Reagan up to eat when we made out stop. The return trip was just a good - more traffic but the kids all slept all night and Jed was the champ driver on the way home. I crashed at about 1:00 and he made it all the way back to Rochester before requiring my assistance in the driving department again. Thank you Jed!

We spent a couple of days at Great Grandma Wolf's house visiting, preparing for the wedding and having fun! Jed and Seth reading a book together (don't you love his cowboy boots).
Reagan and Mommy hanging out.

Drew and Shannon - cousins.

Great Aunt Karen and Reagan.

Grandma got a cake to help celebrate Jed's birthday. Happy Birthday dear!

Kyra and Daddy reading a book - we are not tired at all!

Gavin drew the whole family plus some on Great Grandma's sidewalk.

Then they drew their Dad, Aunt Stacy and Mom on the sidewalk - it looked like an accident had taken place on the sidewalk with all the chalk body outlines.

Reagan having some tummy time.

Great Grandma, Gavin, Carley and Kyra reading a story before bedtime. Kyra is holding a barbie that I used to play with - some of them were not in the best of shape anymore - boy am I getting old (and so are the barbies). No comment needed Jed - you are still older than me. :-)

Day at Lake Erie

We made a quick trip to Ohio this past week so Kyra could be flower girl at my cousin Amanda & Mitch's wedding but we did find some time for other fun stuff too.

Thursday we went to Lake Erie and the kids collected sea shells and played in the sand/water. When we lived in Ohio this was our back yard. It was fun to see the kids enjoy finding "treasures". Gavin investigating.
Carley taking a stroll on the beach.

Family portrait time.

Four beach bums. :-)

Kyra enjoying the view.

Kyra walking the shore looking for shells.
Gavin searching through the crushed shells.

Gavin carrying his treasures.
Carley looking for "pretty ones".