Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visiting the Family

Spent Sunday at my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike's house with all the relatives from my Mom's side of the family. It was a house full we had 14 kids (ALL 6 and under) and 24 adults! Thanks Sharon and Mike! (I apologize Sharon, I was feeding Reagan when you were swimming with the kids so didn't have my camera - hopefully someone else can share their pics with us to capture some of those memories!). Everyone gathered around to celebrate Cameron's 2nd birthday!
Uncle Mike and Carley having a heart to heart while cooling their feet!

All the kids minus Kyra and the three little ones - Emery, Jason and Reagan.

Great Grandpa Miller and Reagan.
Great Aunt Holly and Reagan.

Great Grandma Bonnie and Reagan - she got to meet lots of relatives since this was her first trip to Ohio!

Gavin hanging out with cousin Aaron and Meghan.

Great Grandma Miller and Reagan.

Uncle Mike, Reese and Kyra motor boating around the pool.

Uncle Mike and Kyra enjoying an air ride (at least Kyra was enjoying, Mike was working)

Uncle Mike and Kyra again.
Gavin swimming with his life jacket - he is getting more and more comfortable with the water each time he is in it! In another 20 years he might put his head in. :-)
Carley and Daddy swimming.
Kyra and Daddy catching some rays.
Gavin taking a break from learning his strokes.
Carley & Uncle Mike.

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