Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gavin's First Day of School

Gavin started Kindergarten today (9-9-09). He was so excited - he was literally climbing the walls last night.

This will be our biggest adjustment in our household - a schedule (and early morning schedule). I know some of you are saying 6:50 is not that early but my clock said 5:30 when I got up. :-( Gavin was so excited to finally be able to set his alarm clock that Uncle Brandon and Aunt Stacy got him for his birthday.

First day of school - the "official" picture. He picked out his own clothes for the occassion.

He is VERY fond of this backpack that he got from his cousins and Aunt Laurel and Uncle Ernie.

Gavin insisted that Ruby be part of the festivities and have a picture taken with him. She wasn't cooperating as well as Gavin was (the first picture she was giving him a kiss right on the lips).

Gavin after his first day of school with his teacher, Mrs. Wolfe. Their first lesson was on hand washing - thank you!!! I do not want him coming home with H1N1 and of course if he would come home with it he would feel the need to share with all of us.
We are so proud of you Gavin. Enjoy your year.

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