Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We left for Ohio at 6:30pm on Wed. night and drove through the night so the kids could sleep and we could have peace and quiet for the long drive. I thought if we could do it in 15 hours that would be great - we did it in 10 1/2!!! The kids were ALL sooo good, we even had to wake Reagan up to eat when we made out stop. The return trip was just a good - more traffic but the kids all slept all night and Jed was the champ driver on the way home. I crashed at about 1:00 and he made it all the way back to Rochester before requiring my assistance in the driving department again. Thank you Jed!

We spent a couple of days at Great Grandma Wolf's house visiting, preparing for the wedding and having fun! Jed and Seth reading a book together (don't you love his cowboy boots).
Reagan and Mommy hanging out.

Drew and Shannon - cousins.

Great Aunt Karen and Reagan.

Grandma got a cake to help celebrate Jed's birthday. Happy Birthday dear!

Kyra and Daddy reading a book - we are not tired at all!

Gavin drew the whole family plus some on Great Grandma's sidewalk.

Then they drew their Dad, Aunt Stacy and Mom on the sidewalk - it looked like an accident had taken place on the sidewalk with all the chalk body outlines.

Reagan having some tummy time.

Great Grandma, Gavin, Carley and Kyra reading a story before bedtime. Kyra is holding a barbie that I used to play with - some of them were not in the best of shape anymore - boy am I getting old (and so are the barbies). No comment needed Jed - you are still older than me. :-)

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