Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amanda & Mitch's Wedding

Kyra was asked to be in my cousin Amanda and Mitch's wedding. Of course she couldn't pass up the opportunity to get dressed up in a pretty "dancing dress" as she called it and of course be a part of such a special day.

Kyra and the ring bearer, Dominic, practicing walking up the isle - there were no smiles to be had during rehearsal. :-)
The girls toasting before the wedding - Kyra didn't have a clue what this was all about but she enjoyed being included in on it with the big girls.
Pretty flower girl!
Cousin Emily and Cousin Melissa with Kyra waiting for the ceremony to start.
Great Grandma Wolf and Reagan snuggling.

Family picture time.

Video of Kyra finishing up her "job":

Dominic, the ring bearer, and Kyra making their grand entrance. They both did great!
Mitch taking the garter off of Amanda and Kyra in the background wondering what the heck that guy is doing under the brides dress. I didn't get the picture with his head under the dress and Kyra bending over trying to see what he was doing - I almost cried I laughed so hard. She is just curious as to how all this wedding tradition "stuff" works.

The boys lining up for the garter toss. Gavin had no clue what this was all about except that the little guys got candy after it was over, so he was out there biding his time.

Tracy trying to convince Kyra to dance with him - she was playing hard to get. :-)
Kyra and Dominic being introduced at the reception.
After being introduced they ended up on the dance floor and Kyra would not let go of his hand - she kept him out there as a dance partner (whether he wanted to or not)!
Amanda & Mitch being announced at the reception. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Mack.
Gavin and Bryon dancing.
Jacque and Carley dancing.
Daddy and Kyra dancing (Kyra on his feet). Ahhh.... He is her hero.
Aunt Jacque, Uncle Bryon, Gavin and Carley "group dance".

Gavin asked Aunt Stacy to dance. :-)

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