Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have a Partial Basement

The house has been a little slower going than we would like due to a very rainy spring.  But the road restrictions finally came off a week and a half ago and the builder and excavator were able to get their heavy equipment in here and dug the basement.  We have at least two pumps in it at all times just trying to keep up with the water accumulation in there from all of the rain we seem to have at least every other day.  The footings were poured two days ago.  They were supposed to pour the basement walls tomorrow and Friday but we will see if that gets pushed back a bit as it is raining again today and the excavator has not been able to finish putting the rock fill in to finish off the bottom layer of the house.  If all goes well though, I will be able to post pictures of basement walls this weekend and they are supposed to start on the trusses and floor on Monday/Tuesday.

First dig!!
  First week of pictures.

 As you can see jut a tad wet.
 Walking in the tire tracks that go up past her knees. 

 Second week of pictures.

This is what happens when you let your kids climb on the hills and the bottom of one hill has a mud pit that just happens to look like the rest of the hill...until you step on/in it.  Kyra was not happy or amused.  Me on the other hand, was crying I was laughing so hard...until I had to get her into the house and cleaned off.  We stuck her in the tub and gave her a shower with her clothes on then another one with her clothes off. 

 Our biggest concern in digging a house on our property was what they would find once they started digging.  Since we knew there were multiple buildings buried here (not to mention all the things we didn't know) we figured we would run into trouble.  The excavator has found a couple of pockets of buried junk and brush and a couple of partial foundations, but nothing that has given him too much trouble.  Yeah!!!

 Footings being framed in.
 Jed's rather large garage (it is bigger than our house we live in now). 
 Pouring the footings. 

 The builder left a smily face for the kids to see when they got home.

 Jed ventured on top of our current house roof to get some pics of the activity around our yard.

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