Thursday, February 23, 2012

Randon Summer Pics

Okay, I am bound and determined to get up to date on my blogging so that I can get more consistant again!  So, here we go.  Some random summer pics that I don't think I have posted yet?!

No one can say that Declan doesn't get enough attention!

The farmer getting his tractor unstuck by pulling it out with another tractor.  :-)

Everyone else tried roller blades, why not the baby?

Kyra and her friend Josie riding in a horse drawn wagon at a friends wedding.  What a fun day!  They had their reception in their old barn that they cleaned out and made into a reception hall for the day.  Sooo cute!
Reagan riding with Mary Jane!

 Kyra could not get enough of the horses.  And NO fear!
Our house was finished while we were on a trip to Ohio.  We drove all night to get home, slept for 3 hours and then got up to go over to the house and begin our final cleaning.  This is what the kids did when they saw the newly laid carpet.  They had room to run!

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Melissa Pope said...

LOVE the pictures---you have some of the cutest kids!