Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Christmas

We had to keep "e-mailing" Sant and asking him to come later to our house (I know not something kids typically do, but our kids were very understanding this year).  Our busy December schedule made it hard for Santa to find a time to come, but we finally were able to get all the "schedules" worked out!  :-)
Kyra loving her new pillow pet.

 Gavin is ready for baseball next summer.
A new doll house for the girls - this thing has more furniture than our real house has!
Present time!
Dress up shoes!  Carley LOVED, Daddy - not so much!
Reagan loving her pillow pet!
So we were getting the stockings out the night before Christmas and Reagan didn't want to hang them up, she wanted to wear them on her feet?!
Kyra's year to put the angel on the tree.


She was not so sure about the height thing!  She has a death grip on her Dad's hand and she was chewing us all out the whole time.

A new baby for Reagan.

Gavin has 3, count them...3 pillow pets, but Santa just couldn't turn down a Twins pillow pet - for Gavin it doesn't get much better - Twins, stuffed animal, and something to snuggle with.  Heaven!

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