Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas With the Nana & Papa

We finally have a big enough house that we could host Jed's whole family for a holiday.  We LOVED having them all come to our house!  It was a fun weekend.
 Papa, Kyra, Carley & Reagan doing sand art.
 Carley, Nana and Reagan reading a story.
Nana, Reagan, Carley, Papa, Kyra and Gavin playing cards.
Keetyn, Kyra, Jed, Morgen and Brittin playing Uno.
Uncle Ernie and Reagan reading stories.
Aunt Laurel and Carley being silly while they snuggle.
Hayden, Reagan, Papa, Carley, Keetyn and Kyra (aka Papa's girls) having supper.
Reagan and Hayden hanging out.  They look so serious!
Reagan and Papa opening gifts.
Morgen and JAcson waiting for their gifts!
Reagan loved opening this bouncing ball - so much so that she had to sleep with it for her nap (ON HER HEAD).  Literally she would not go to sleep unless it was touching her head - I tried to move it even after she fell asleep and she would wake up and grab for it.  Okay, she wins!

Papa and Carley snuggling
Reagan and Papa hanging out.

Crazy gift opening time - 9 kids + gifts has to equal crazy!
She got a baby.  Loves those babies!
Hayden and Ernie.
Papa made Reagan a craddle for her baby.  LOVE IT!

And he made Carley a highchair for her baby. 
SO CUTE and means so much because Papa made them!

The boys playing cards.
When you tell Jacson he can't do something - he proves you wrong.  Reading a story to us with both his feet behind his head.  Ouch!

Kyra and Keetyin dressing up.

Carley dressed her baby up.  She's so proud!
Papa and Reagan playing cards together.

Okay, I literally have about 200 group pictures on my camera looking for the one good (not even going for perfect or great) picture of 9 kids together.  Let me explain what a good picture is with 9 kids - ALL LOOKING IN THE GENERAL SAME DIRECTION - that's all!  :-)

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Melissa Pope said...

Looks like a GREAT time!....loved the pictures, especially since I could see "your house"! ....I can't believe HOW BIG Laurel and Ernie's kids are! Geesh.....they make me feel so "old" lol---wasn't Morgan in your wedding!?!?! He's SO tall!