Monday, June 13, 2011

Having Summer Fun

Gavin's last day of school.
 Reagan - once again has "fun" all over her face.  I think this was an M&M snack.
 And here she didn't make it through her snack - fell asleep right at the table. 
 Reagan loves her baby - which means baby has to sit at the table with her every morning for beakfast, but not only that anymore, but the baby now needs a bowl with cereal in it too.  Really?!
 Best friends.  Carley and Reagan.
 Kyra picking flowers from Grandma's backyard.
 Reagan and Jason sharing a ride.
 She looks determined doesn't she!?
 Making pancakes for breakfast - they pretty much did it all!
 Reagan now has gotten to the point that she not only has to put one of her diapers on her baby but she also has to wipe the baby's but with a wet wipe.  She really goes to town.  When I start watching Declan I am going to see if I can train her to replace the doll with the real baby and change his diaper for me. :-)

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