Monday, June 13, 2011

A Visit from Aunt Sharon

We had a wonderful phone call last Monday when my Aunt Sharon called to see if I could pick her up at the airport the very next day!  Of course!!!  Sharon was able to make a last minute trip to MN last week and spent 5 days with all of us.  We had a great time, as always!

Dad and Reagan snuggling and reading a book.

 Aunt Sharon feeding baby Declan!
 So big!
 Carley and Jacque reading a book together.  Carley looks more like Jacque than she does me.
 Gavin showing off his reading skills to Aunt Sharon.
 Carley cornered someone else to read now - that girl never gets enough of books, which is good!
 And...yet another...Carley reading with Aunt Sharon.
 Okay, yes, we did do more than read the whole time.  :-)
 Watching Uncle Brandon move the tractor around.
 Playing Memory.  Kyra won - Kyra always wins.
 We all had to take a turn to see who could reach their tounge to their nose.  Does this count?!
 Washing their feet after being outside.
 Yes, more reading and more snuggling.
 Those girls can't get enough of that little guy.
 All the cousins.
 Baby Declan
 Kyra spoiling Declan.  That kid is never not held.  My Mom says you can't spoil a baby.  We will see what we can do!  :-)
 Why yes, yes they are reading!  Uncle Bryon and Carley.

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