Thursday, August 5, 2010

Having Some Fun

Gavin loves to try and sell things. So, we made a trip to the local farmer's market yesterday to sell some garden produce and some knick-knacks. It was so hot/humid but the kids had fun running around, trying to buy everything else from all the other vendors and not selling much of our stuff - so I am pretty sure we did not "make" any money yesterday!
Silly Reagan - why is it that a baby's favorite toy is always a box? She is walking all over the place now, just got two more teeth this week (so we are up to 6) and she is definately finding ways to "talk" to us when something is happening that she is not okay with.

The three older kids LOVE to do craft projects. Aunt Stacy signed the kids up for fair projects and Kyra had to make a craft and decided on a mask. She went shopping with me one day and have a WONDERFUL time in Michael's Craft Store and picked everything out by herself. We came home and found a mask template on the computer, I cut it out for her and then she went to town on it. I even tried to chime in a couple of times with an idea or "lets try it this way instead" but she was determined to do it all by herself, and so she did. And those things that I tried to change - yeah, they ended up looking better her way anyway. She has a talent. We helped Brandon celebrate his 30th birthday on Sunday by making him finish Mom and Dad's entertainment center that he built. :-) Reagan was helping by walking in the tv space - now that's something you want to teach you kid. The entertainment center looks so good though - great work Brandon (this is just one section of it - it is 3 sections - takes up a whole wall and since it's all real wood - it seemed to look a little heavy as the guys have to move and reposition it.
Grandma reading to the kids.

Two little cheer leaders. Reagan was belly laughing as she tickled herself in the face with the pom-pom.

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