Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DeWitz Reunion

We made a trip to Fargo last weekend to attend the DeWitz Family Reunion. The kids had a great time but were more than tired on the trip home... Hanging out - playing basketball and doing chalk drawings - all in a days work as a kid.

Gavin & Nolan playing ball.

Reagan FINALLY fell asleep for a nap when I took her for a walk. Had to "park" her by the van so that she wouldn't wake up with the noise in the garage.

Kyra's self portrait (with help from Kaitlyn) - a ballerina dancer. Of course what else?!

The girls doing sidewalk chalk art.

Having some lunch.

Hayden and Reagan waiting for their food. Hayden is wondering why Reagan stole her snack cup. Reagan was NOT going to give it up easily (even though hers was the same exact type of cup).

The kids doing a chalk drawing of Cally.

Nope, she isn't tired at all. She came a grabbed her blanket from me, walked over to the door and pulled up a slab of cement?!Reagan's first drink out of a straw. She did great! She LOVED the slush drinks.

Snack time for Reagan, Saddie and Hayden.

No BS-ing going on here! :-)

Kyra and Brittin hanging out in the pool.

Nolan on the slip-and-slide.

Carley watched the boys for a while and then decided she wanted to try it but her "sliding" was actually "crawling". She had fun though.

Jacson trying out the slip-and-slide. Looks painful?!
Gavin enjoying the slip-and-slide.
"The boys" Jacson, Nolan and Gavin.
Brittin decided to jump in the pool with all of his clothes on so Kaitlyn helped him find a change of clothes aka her shorts with a hairband holding them on and Scooby's shirt (oh, and Scooby is the dog)! Ernie LOVED this outfit.
The "big kids" making the "little kids" FLY!
Brittin and Carley swimming - they could be twins. 6 weeks apart and same hair color/skin tone. Aren't they cute!
Enjoying the trampoline.
At the park with Nana and Papa and Dolce. Reagan was trying to get Papa's hand (trying to keep herself awake).
The girls enjoying a swing together.
Reagan should have felt like queen on this big swing.Kyra playing peek.
Reagan climbing up the tunnel - she did pretty good all by herself. She can also now climb all the way up a slide by herself.
Gavin testing his plastic rock climbing skills.
Carley crossing the bridge.
Reagan enjoying all of the elements of the jungle gym. Swinging - her favorite. She laughs at you every time she swings close to you. For some reason that's funny. No smart comments needed!

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