Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation to the Lake

We took off Wednesday evening to spend a long weekend in Alexandria at the lake. We had beautiful weather for fishing and swimming. If the kids were not sleeping then they were in the water swimming or on the dock fishing. Great weekend with the family! Carley on the drive there - she makes Mom's sunglasses look good!
Took us about 4 hours to get there - they all did pretty good. Reagan is not our perfect little car rider, but she did okay.

Grandpa, Carley and Jason the first morning there, waiting for their breakfast.
Grandma having breakfast on the deck with the 3 older kids. It was chilly the first morning but it just kept getting nicer and nicer throughout the weekend.
Gavin's first catch.

Carley waiting for a bite.
Kyra's first catch.

Kyra was all about touching them and throwing them back. Her brother was all about NOT doing any touching or throwing back. :-) Just catching for him thank you!

Uncle Brandon doing some fishing.
And another. This kid spent all day on the end of the dock and the fish would just swarm his worm. Even though by the end of the 4 days the fish in that area were very well fed, we did have good luck catching lots of sunny and perch along with a few bass. As always, the kids did better fishing off the end of the dock than the grown-ups did fishing in the boat.

The girls fished a bit but most of their waking hours were in the water. Here they were playing mean monster (as you can see by their faces, they were growling).

And another...
Carley caught her first one. She is so proud.
And Grandpa's prize winner - winner for the smallest one caught that is. :-)
Reagan loved playing in the water by the shore.
Carley and Reagan trying to build a sand castle.
Reagan - she loved to try and eat the sand and rocks. After she got a particularly large mouth full of sand one time, she decided that was not as much fun as she once thought.
Carley hanging out on the rocks. So serious!
Daddy pushing Reagan around on the "boat" as the girls called the rafts. She loved this.
She was ready to head down the dock. She also had no fear of walking right off the dock.
Gavin on his little stoop waiting for the big one.

Carley, Daddy and Reagan taking a break from swimming.
Reagan decided she wanted to go fishing. She picked up her brother's tackle box and was headed to the dock.
Kyra thought that Uncle Brandon's tube would be so much fun, but she ended up chickening out before we went out. Carley on the other hand - we couldn't get off of the darn thing. Here she is on her first tube ride with Mom.
Gavin was not as sure about this "fun" as Carley was, but he did end up and try it and as long as we went slow he thought it was okay to do - but he only did it once. Fishing was more important to him.
The first night at sunset.
Zoey - "won't anyone play with me". She was such a good puppy the whole weekend (minus the night that Britton and Lacy were up with her at all hours of the night because she got sick from the goose poop she tasted earlier in the day). We told them it was good practice for kids!
Britton kayaking at sunset. Zoey even decided to join him for a bit.
Cute little sea monsters aren't they?! I can't believe they didn't shrivel up from being in the water so much.

Taking a break from fishing - it lasted 5 minutes then it was right back to the end of the dock.
"Come here fishy fishy."
Reagan and Daddy catching a snack and some shade.
Sharing a snack at the end of the dock.
I think this was his biggest catch - he was SOOOO proud!!!
Grandpa relaxing.
Reagan hanging out with Grandma!
Kyra pulling one in with Dad's help.
Carley went out on the kayak with Aunt Lacy and Gavin went with Uncle Britton.
Grandma and Reagan hanging out together again.
Gavin getting some lessons from Uncle Britton.

Jed taking a breather.

Jason and Reagan trying the tube.
Reagan playing in the sand again.
Lacy & Britton going for a tube ride. Hold on!
Day two of tube riding for Carley - this time with Uncle Britton and Aunt Lacy. We couldn't get her off!
Day #2 sunset.
Grandpa fishing at sunset. Britton fishing off of the kayak - this may take some talent. Yikes!
Jacque and Bryon kayaking at sunset.
Britton fishing and Zoey dreaming of what fish tastes like!

Kyra finally decided she would trust Dad to take her out on the kayak, and she ended up paddling them back in all by herself.
Cute little kayaking boy!Daddy and Gavin headed out at 5:00AM to fish with Britton, Grandma and Grandpa - they caught some fish but the big story was how Britton and Gavin both caught turtles.
Gavin kayaking with Grandma - he loved that he got the hang of this by the end of the weekend and could go in his own kayak and do it all by himself. Mom thought he looked too little to be able to do it by himself...But he was so darn cute!
Another catch - he wanted me to take a picture of all of the fish he caught, I decided we could become a little more selective when he pulled on in every 2 minutes.
Day 3 was a warm one, everyone was cooling off in the water.
Britton enjoyed catching this large bass right off the dock. Grandpa, Gavin and Grandma & Carley kayaking.

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Melissa Pope said...

Looks like you had a great time on vacation! Glad you could all get out and go! See you in a few weeks :-) Can't wait!